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Guest renen2001

Dave Wiberg's Journal, Day One: the Blame...

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Guest renen2001

//OOC Hello everyone.

This is going to be the first part of my Journal series, there I will talk about stuff that have happen to me. I don’t think anyone will read, but if you do, please leave some feedback, of what I do good, and what I can do better, and also ask questions if you want to.


I woke up near the TP this quiet night and decided to go and sell some gear, team up with people, or just have a nice talk (even if I’m not the most social guy…).

So when I got there I walked around a bit, sat down at the fire with 2 outer guys, and listened to them as they talked about “The Council”, and how to stop them. After some time it got boring so I decided to take a walk around the Trade Post to see if something interesting was happening.

But the night continued to be quiet, and nothing happened until a guy needed some blood. And when a good gentleman walked to his car to get it, he said that three blood bags were gone…from his truck, so he started to ask around after who took them. (I don’t remember the following so good, but I will try my best to remember).

And after some time I said that I could give a blood bag to someone, because I had some on me, they directly started to question me about if it was me that was the thief, and they even said that I had been strange under the night. But all I had done was sitting quiet at the fire, and walked around a bit. I said that I found mine in Stary Sabor a couple of days ago, but then they started to talk about text on the bags that could tell where they came from, but they said that they couldn’t tell that it was the thief, because of the lack of evidence.

(//ooc sorry for all OOC stuff, but it wasn’t me that took the blood bags from the car, so don’t say that I am a thief.)

Later they were going on anloot run to Balota, and Cherno. I asked if I could follow, but they said no. I was a bit sad, but I decided to run down that way anyway, to get some better gear.

I started to run, and I got there before them. I didn’t find anything, and when they came I had a bit of a talk with them, and then I was on my way to Cherno. Around half the way to Cherno I decided to take a nap up in the woods.

And that was the first day in my Journal...but more will come.

//OOC I don’t blame the guys that blamed me for anything, and they did some rely good RP, so it was just fun. And I hope they find some new blood bags.

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