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Virus Notes

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Note: I was bored so I did some research and wrote this, I am actually using the following text for a storyline for my character so please keep this as OOC information unless you find it IC, thank you. I'm still thinking about what I can change to make it better but this is what I got right now, hope it's a good one.

The following text is a summary about the virus written by the head of the deceased medical staff two years ago at the North East military base.

History is full of stories of demons and other unworldly creatures coming into our world and wreaking havoc on society, but..What is happening right now is not a story or some sort of fairy tale. These "things" have come into our reality. The attack that happened at base an hour ago wasn't some people on bathsalts nor any drug, no this is...something different, I can tell from the bite this is different. This is coming from my medical perspective and not me acting crazy. This was how people call it a "zombie attack". These things are not the ones that die and come back from their graves, that is unlikely. This is a virus that induces zombie like qualities like rage and the incesent need to eat human flesh. This is a virus that focuses on specific areas in the brain for these symptoms while leaving other areas intact. Viruses can enter the body and can effect cells in many different ways but this virus is more focused on the neurons. Neurons are some of the longest cells and can transport molecules and proteins across the entire body. Many viruses like this such as rabies take advantage of something called "Retrograde Axonal Transport" to travel from the entry point to where they want to be. In this case the virus can enter anywhere and slowly make it's way to the brain or the central nervous system, the farther it starts physically from the brain, the longer it will take to get there, by that we are looking at an extra hour. Maybe two, but once it's there it's generally too late. Many viruses follow a similar system, with the only difference which neurons it's specific to.

This "zombie" virus uses specific neurons to effect particular parts of the brain to induce a "zombie" state without damaging the entire brain. Specifically it leads to the "Ventromedial Hypothalamus" which tells the human body if it's full, "Amygdala" which controls emotion and memory. And the "Frontal Cortex" which is responsible for problem solving, morality and inhibiting impulsive action. Essentially the transmission of the virus through the ol factory nerve could create super hungry, aggressive, brain dead beings that can't recognize family and friends or control their actions other than to feed. My research suggests that this ain't a decease that just came out of the blue. This COULD BE genetically enhanced OR created. IF anyone did this is sick in the head and MUST be delt with after this blows over.

I'm now hiding in my vodnik after my "patients" ate my staff after the examinations. I am gonna leave these notes back at my quarters, there is no way I will be alive long enough to get this to good hands. Who ever find this, good luck to you and...god speed.

This summary of the virus was fully examined and written by Dr. Arkady Hofman. July 27, 2012.

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Looks cool Joel!

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