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Taking a break

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Never thought I would say it but I am.

Most people here on dayzrp community don't know me.

But I have achieved some great friends during my time.

I'm taking a break from dayzrp. I don't know when I'll be back all I know is I might be back sooner than expected I might be back in a very long time.

I got problems in my real life that I got to sort out to get happy again.

But anyways as I said I'm taking a break.

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Hope you sort out your IRL issues man and hope to see you back here soon!

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Guest JMS

IRL comes first man. Good to see you putting yourself first and taking a break.

Hopefully you sort out your problems and join us again soon.

Good luck

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It warms my heart that people like you care for someone you don't know. It shows so much respect and I thank you for it.

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