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Daniel, Mick and 'the Chief'

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8-9 months ago, I was running about as a Watcher together with Mick Thompson, and because we never ran into anyone we made our own fun.

This started a relatively long-running inside joke between me and Mick and those who had seen the video, which was a lot of fun. :D We even made characters based on the idea for a week or two and roleplayed as africans following a mysterious 'Chief' IIRC.


Figured I'd post as I just now saw it again and it struck serious nostalgia nerves in me. Maybe it can amuse some of you too?

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Owww yes..all hail the chief... Big chief.

Mick and I followed on with that joke for months...

Man that nostalgia... OG watcher days... Those memories!

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Damn that's a long time ago o.0

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