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Better Lighting on S3

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I know that the nighttime is intended to be dark and scary, but I think that there needs to be a SERIOUS adjustment to the lighting levels during the night. I dislike having to resort to turning up my brightness and gamma just so I can see enough to know that when I record, it won't be just a black screen to those who watch the video. I suggest getting that moonlight mod for DayZ and implementing it so that it is at least bearable to play during the night. Night-time is the most fun in DayZ, but it is unbearable when you cannot find NVGs to see and the flashlights don't give you any help. A human is able to see still at night as long as the moon is out and I can't see sh*t.

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Guest Shadow

I think the flashlights are doing fine, do you use the ones from weapons or just regular ones? They're is also military ones with the red light.

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If it's as dark as you say, wouldn't NVG's not even work since they use ambient light to function? Or does ARMA not simulate that?

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