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Some People Call Me Fox.

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You hear a static noise coming from your radio.

The noise turns into clear signal.

You hear somebody speaking through the radio

And decide to rest under a tree, listening to the voice.

Some people call me Fox.

This name doesn't reflect my person, though. I am everything but sly, I usually run into trouble and all kind of bad things like bandits and too many zombies.

Well, who am I...

I am Daniel Winter, a.k.a. Fox. I am a Free Medic. Back in business for 2 days already. I used to be a Free Medic in the summer and fall of last year. But circumstances changed and you simple had to raise your weapon against others. But this is a different story.

I love fishing, repairing things, and helping others out in every way possible. You could say this sounds very stereotypical for a Free Medic. But I also got my problems and struggles.

Things I don't like? loneliness. Yea, loneliness is probably my biggest problem. That's the main reason I am doing this here. I start to fall into some sort of depression when I am alone for too long and I can't make myself useful. Oh yea. That's another problem I have. Too often I call myself unneeded or unuseful... sometimes to the point where I get suicidal thoughts...

Making friends is also hard for me. I don't know why, but most people I meet don't want to have anything to do with me.

Of course I have friends. There's the other Free Medics, like Brandon, Fraser and all the others. As well as Derek, Henry, Pavlov, Katreena...

Katreena, or Kat as I used to call her, was a fairly young woman I met 1 1/2 months ago. She was looking for her father. Haven't seen her in a while. We always had a good time together. I wonder if she's alright.

So, if anyone actually listens to this, feel free to answer. I always enjoy company of others. Oh, and If you see Free Medic wearing a beige cap along with goggles and a ski mask, that's me.

Stay safe people.

-Fox out.

Your radio goes silent.

You stand up and continue on your way.

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