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Taskar Audio Recorder V2000 (Audio log 3,4,5,6)

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Part 2 of my experiences in dayzRP

Last part --> http://www.dayzrp.com/t-taskar-audio-recorder-v2000


Audio log 3

Had a good night sleep last night... I slept like a goddamn princess. But the reality quickly hit me again. I'm on my own and won't survive in this little house. I found a map in the drawer near the front door. It says I'm in Chernarus. It looks like an island or something. I'm gonna start heading towards the boat. If there's any luck I'll find a boat and can go back to Earth's Heaven... or maybe I shouldn't, you know.. There might be nothing there. But I have to do it, for my family.

Well then, I hear some zombies outside, let me see if there's anything here to use.

*Sounds of footsteps from all around the recorder*

(Mumbling): This might work...

*Movement back to the recorder*

Well, I found this... umm whatchamacallit... wretch, wrinch... Oh yeah.. isn't this a wrench? This might work *sounds of wrench hitting the side of a table* Yeah pretty solid.... Well then, wish me luck!!!! *Scared laugh*

Audio log 4

Well, everything turned out just fine. I did need to take out a few zombies on my way out and I almost ran into a fucking bunch of em at the coast. I guess there were over 200 zombies in the area, so I decided to spent the night north of the coast. I did find a hunting rifle in one of the barns and even a pistol on a dead zombie, so I was better armed for my next encounter with those things.

My next challenge now was making fire. Making fire has never been my strongest side, so all the things I had planned to do that night all faded away and turned into me failing to make fire over and over again. After the many failed attempts and sparks that led to nothing I finally managed to make fire. But what a beautiful thing it is, isn't it. Rubbing some sticks together and creating this majestic display of colours and movement. I can just look into it and lose myself completely. I see image after image and suddenly hours have passed. I even saw my family in the fire tonight.... *sigh* I can't explain how much I miss them. I would give anything to see them again.... Please... Let them have escaped to this island, or just any island.... Please

Audio log 5

*Sounds of footsteps in grass and breathing into the recorder*

Well, I've been walking through woods and fields for so long now, and my compass still says I'm heading south. I think this piece of crap might have broken... Shit... I can;t even make out where I'm going, cause I can't see anything. Why does it have to be new moon today....

Wait.. did that light just appear? What the hell is that? It looks like some red fire or something. I need to go there *Sounds of running and bushes being pushed aside*

Wait I see people... *Sounds of joy* HEY! HEY! Over here! OVER HERE!!!!!!!

Audio log 6

Fuck... fuck.... FUCK!!! What the hell just happened. These two people just took everything. My hunting rifle, my pistol. They emptied my backpack then left me with only one can of soda and a half empty can of beans. Why in heaven's name would they do this? They had weapons themselves, they had supplies themselves... It's almost as if they just robbed me for fun. If I fucking meet them again I swear they're gonna give me back every goddamn last bit of stuff they stole from me!! What's wrong with these people! Ah well, luckily I'm next to a city of some sort.. Might be able to find some leftover food in there. Reminder to self, don't trust any stranger.

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