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Yorunn Douglass Intro/Backstory

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Well this is going to be a first for me, as i have never kept a diary or journal before. It feels kind of strange writing stuff down about myself, i don't even know why i am doing this, boredom perhaps? I think i'll just start with the events that lead up to today.

I guess i should start with a small introduction of myself. My name is Yorunn Douglass, yes i know, quite a strange combination, but i'll explain further. I was born to a Scottish father and a Norwegian mother, hence the strange combination. Born September 29th, 1990 and raised in St Andrews, Scotland.

My father was a Biochemist, i never really new what he was doing exactly but i guess he was involved with the military since he often got picked up by military personnel. My mother was your average housewife who took care of my while dad was working. My childhood was nothing special, went to school, and college afterwards. My dad always wanted me to enter the military or something that would make me strong and independent, something my mother didn't agree with of course. She always said that i should follow my own way, and if that leads to an army life then so be it.

I never understood their arguments about my future, and what was best for my, hell, i didn't even like the idea of a military career back then. But i guess things change the older you get. Anyways, lets jump a few years ahead. I believe it was somewhere near the end of July of 2012 when we first saw the news about what was going on in the region of South Zagoria. It looked like it came straight from the movies, the chaos and death, the fires, jets flying over, bombings and stuff.

For days we watched the news about how they desperately tried to contain this 'infection'. It was scary how fast a nation could fall, considering all the help they received from outside. It was strange to see that even the US was helpless against this plague. It wasn't long before the UK also fell into chaos. This disease was spreading like wildfire and it showed no signs of stopping. Killing all on its way and increasing the number of dead that roamed the streets.

For a time we managed to do pretty well, considering the situation. Before 'it' reached the UK we had already started to stock up on food and the other necessary supplies since it was clear that this plague would reach the rest of the world in no time. It did not take long for people to turn on each other and resort to banditry and murder. The people that were once my friends and neighbors were now trying to break through our barricades so that they could kill us for our supplies. We knew it was only a matter of time. Piece by piece they would peel away the barricades after every attempt. We could have ran, but my father always said that we wouldn't last a day out there without military protection. It was either try to hold out as long as possible in our warm home, or go out there and risk getting killed or eaten by the dead or bandits.

It was about 6 days since we barricaded the house when the inevitable happened. They broke through, my dad shouted to go upstairs with my mother, and shoved a pistol in my hands. 'There are nine bullets in it, save two if you can't hold them of any longer!' he shouted. That was the last time i saw him alive. Me and my mother could hear the loud noises and gunshots from downstairs, my mother kept crying while i tried to reassure her, telling her that everything was going to be alright. But of course we both knew that was a lie.

When i heard them shouting downstairs to look around the house i knew that my father had died trying to protect us. I felt sad, but i couldn't cry, no matter how hard i tried. For my sadness was nothing compared to my anger. Two of them came up the stairs, i decided to greet them instead of waiting for death to come knocking on our bedroom door. I jumped out the bedroom when the first one reached the top of the stairs, the man standing there was my neighbor, with behind him his son who was a couple of years older then me. He had this surprised look on his face when he saw me across from him, pointing a gun. 'Hi neighbor' i said. I pulled the trigger twice. He slowly fell backwards, still having this same surprised look on his face.

His son, who was just a couple of steps behind him on the stairs saw it all. His son shouted as i shot his father down, i moved my sights on his head which had a furious look on it. Again i pull the trigger before he manages to raise his rifle. It was strange, as i felt neither joy nor sadness from killing them. for a time it felt time the world had slowed down as i slowly watched his body slide down the stairs.

My little 'moment' was however interrupted by a hail of shots raining up the staircase. They shouted again that it was only going to be a matter of time before they would reach me and my mother. We reached a stalemate. They taunted me, shouting about what they would do to my mother once they had killed me. Their taunts stopped once they found out that they weren't the only ones anymore that were trying find a meal. Our little firefight caused every zombie within range to slowly creep towards our house, and it didn't take long before the street was filled with gunshots again.

I decided to use this opportunity to peek down the staircase. I saw one of them trying to keep the door shut as the other was firing through the broken windows at the zombies knocking on our doorstep. I had to choose, it was either to be killed by zombies or by them. It did not take me long before i made my choice, i peeked down again, aimed, and shot the guy that was shooting the zombies outside. This leaves one, who is still trying to keep the door shut.The zombies however break through as they keep piling up at the door, i figured the guy downstairs would be done for so i ran back to the bedroom to get my mother, who was still weeping. I shouted at her to come with me because we had to get to the roof before they reach us.

I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her up. I check around the corner so see if they have reached the top of the stairs yet, which they hadn´t.

My mother screamed at the sight of our neighbor and his son who lie motionless on the staircase. I try to keep her from screaming but i can´t, with my one hand gripping the pistol, and my other hand my mothers wrist. The zombies, who were feasting on the corpses downstairs are now creeping up the stairs, attracted by the screams of my mother.I take out the first few that reach the top of the stairs when i remembered what my father said when he gave me the pistol. I checked the clip, to find out that there is only one bullet left. My mind filled with sadness as i look at my mother. Tears roll down my cheeks as i mutter my final words against her and point the gun against her head. 'i love you mom'.

I go back to the bedroom knowing that it will only take minutes before the zombies finish with my mothers corpse. I closed the bedroom door and i lay down on the ground, i put my hands on my ears as the last thing i wanted to hear was zombies feasting on her corpse. It didn't take long before they started to try to get in the bedroom.

I closed my eyes, accepting what was about to come, no more hiding i said to myself.

They broke through. finally, i thought. I knew that they were in the room even though i had covered my ears and closed my eyes. I hear two 'Thuds'. I slowly opened my eyes. Two dead zombies lie next to me, with a third one standing in the doorway, motionless.It stood there for a couple of seconds before it sank to the ground. Behind the zombie stands a man. A man dressed in black. A cigarette in one hand, a bloody combat knife in the other. He flicked the cigarette away and stepped over the corpses. He looked down at me, then held out his hand and said the following words: 'Morgan Riggs, Raven Shield Corporation. How about you come with me boy.'

This is just a backstory for a new character, constructive feedback is appreciated.

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