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I have been wondering exactly what a GUID is and why it is so bad to post one in public. Some of my friends say that it is harmless if a hacker happens to get their hands on it as it can't be translated into a CD key, and that any server you join has it anyways. So I was wondering, how harmful is it? And if someone gets their hands on it would they really be able to hack in your name?


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A GUID is a Globally Unique Identifier. That basically means that you have the only one that IDs specifically to you.

Yes, the moment you log into any server, they have access to your GUID. Of course most server owners are honest and will not attempt to use that information against you. GUID have been and will continue to be stolen by unreputable people, so for security's sake, we ask you to not publicly post them just at the off chance some doucebag is monitoring our servers.

Anytime a GUID is stolen, Battleye can monitor how it's used and what IP addresses use it. That's why, when someone receives a global ban, we ask for email confirmation that was stolen. Battleye can view when and how that specific GUID was used and confirm or deny if it was indeed stolen.

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Think Thumper summed it up pretty well here.

Do you want this to be solved?

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