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Question regarding being a hostage.

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I newly got into a very intresting situation, JBG robbed me of my stuff in Stary metal barn. We begin to walk towards the woods southeast of Stary Sobor. When we're walking the field south of stary, a man approach me and the JBG member, the man asks me if I am getting robbed. I answer no and the man gets initiate on by the JBG. Which later leads to good RP from JBG (+1 to them.)

Now my question is, if I had answered "Yes, I am getting robbed" would the JBG have gotten KOS rights on me? Since from an IC prespective you would shot the hostage/the possible good samaritan if the hostage said something like that. However you can't do this since it's against the server rules to shoot complying people.

Follow up question: Am I allowed to give a demand such as "IF YOU TELL ANYONE YOU'RE GETTIGN ROBBED YOU'RE DEAD", or would that be restricting peoples gameplay?

Tldr: If I tell people I am getting robbed through direct chat, and I am actually getting robbed do the kidnappers get KOS rights on me?

Tldr2: Am I allowed to give a demand such as "IF YOU TELL ANYONE YOU'RE GETTIGN ROBBED YOU'RE DEAD", or would that be restricting peoples gameplay?

I tried using the search engine, however I failed horribley and found nothing that helped me.

(Sorry for possible spelling errors, I am tired.)

Thanks for your time.

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I think as long as they explain to you that if you tell anyone you are being robbed you die it works. Obviously, due to the rules in place, you simply telling a passerby you are in danger doesn't really apply to not complying in my book. Although, I have been robbed before, and most clans state right when they begin to move you that if you tell anyone you die. BHM for example like to tell people they are finding their "friend" a gun.

Hope this helped in a way.

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Depends on the situation. If you are being held up by one guy then sure, shout to someone that you're a hostage; if it's more than one then don't shout out as it'll be bad RP because you're meant to value your life IC. The good guy might then try and save you by initiating. The bad guy wouldn't gain KOS rights on you as you're not being a direct threat, it'll be bad if he killed you.

For the second point, I'm not too sure. As stated in the rules:

Robbers and those who control the freedom of their victim(s) must do everything in their power to keep their victims alive and in relatively good health, unless they have good in character reason to execute their victim(s). The victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply or if they pose a direct threat to them. We do allow players to harm each other in a role-playing sense however you must leave a compliant victim alive and in good enough condition that they would have a reasonable chance to survive after you leave them. Doing this may include:

Blood-bagging a victim after causing injury.

Providing sufficient food and drinks to allow the victim to survive while in your care and for a reasonable time after.

Leaving the victim without broken legs or with ready access to morphine.

Defending them from external threats (like zombies).

If you have a hostage, you're in control control and just by him shouting "Help me!" isn't a direct threat. Even if you give him the command to not shout or he is dead, it's Bad RP in my opinion - You've got a hostage to role play with, not to get a free kill.

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Busheaman, did the above responses answer your question?

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If we see people approaching when we have a hostage, we usually say 'You say anything and you're dead', this usually keeps us safe from anyone intervening :P

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Going to mark this as solved:

Answer: Refer to this post as an answer to the OP.

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