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My First Journal Entry

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Day 001: today me and my family heard gunshots from Chernogorsk, we hope it was nothing and the police told us it was nothing but we hear many rumors of a new strand of rabies. we fear the military might intervene

Day 006: the military arrived today demanding we stay indoors but nobody has told us anything else, all we hear is constant gunfire from the city. it sounds like an uprising or something.

Day 011: today we found out what happened when the military pulled out, a scared soldier came to our house for food, he said he was deserting the military, and that they were shooting and killing citizens just for scratches he said that now the city is full of moaning walking people who had been bit by other sick ones he said that the military plans to bomb the area soon.

Day 013: we plan on leaving today, we saw the last of the men leave today and hear more of the bomb being dropped. god hel... (journal ends there as the pages are burnt away from an explosive weapon)

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