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Day Zero

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I came to in Gorka, beside the wrecked UAZ I was driving. I couldn't find any evidence of my partner, I can only fear the worst. I found a small barn, and picked up an old Winchester and managed to find a box of ammo for it. I guess that will do for now. I traveled on the main road away from town, I was a little disoriented in the dark so I had no idea where. After about 15 minutes, I came across a small gas station with a sign: Berizino, 2 kilometers. I ran as fast as I could. Along the way, I came across several infected, and was attacked. I fought them off, but I was hurt badly. I made it into a small orange brick building on the outskirts of Berizino, I hope, and am now resting. I can barely see, Im shaking so bad even my vision seems to wobble. I think I am in shock, the world seems to have lost its color and noise... I feel faint, I hope someone finds me before death or the infected do...

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