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New Character

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Name: Liam Schofield

Age: 33

Nationality: English

Profession: News Reporter/Radio Presenter

Family: None

Character Bio

Liam Schofield, a 33 year old news reporter who used to be on the daily news show called "News for you at 6" with his co-presenter Sophie Dyron. He has always wanted to be a news reporter ever since he was a young kid and has always been interested in things that have been going off in the world. He even had a small radio show at his local school which he did each day during the lunch break where other students could ask him to play certain songs and also, he would tell them all the daily school menu and also inform them on updates that were going off that day or week. He was basically a really helpful person and that's where his career started.

Why is he in Chernarus?

The reason for Liam being in Chernarus is because when the infection first started, his news channel producer needed people to go across to Chernarus and report on all of the things that were going off with the infected, the people fighting it and also the scientists who are there as well.

He went with his co-producer (Sophie Dyron), his cameraman (Tim Mcarthy) and his sound guy (Bob Harley). After they were there for around 2 weeks into the infection, the office where they were set-up with their recording devices, paper and documentation of everything that they had already collected about the news that was spreading over Chernarus got overrun in the middle of the night whilst they were sleeping. Bob and Tim were on the lower floor and were the first to get bitten by the infected... The screams from them being eaten was heard from Liam and Sophie who were on the second floor where the main supplies were held, they were awoken by these and looked down the stairs to see the infected roaming around the bottom floor with blood all over the floor near their feet. They knew what had happened.

They got their backpacks, a camera and as many supplies that they could as they knew that they couldn't do anything to help Tim or Bob at that time. They took the back ladder which was on the outside of their floor and started to run. Due to it being night-time and them both being petrified they got split in the forest which they were running through from the office. Before Liam could notice that Sophie wasn't behind him anymore, he was lost...

Where am I going with this character?

The main idea with this character is to have two main objectives with him, to try and find Sophie (not a real character but something to go along with) and to also document the news that's going off within Chernarus whilst Liam's there and with all of the information that I get about everything that's happened, I will then put it into a leaflet type of design and have them in this thread or another one where the small updates are nailed to posts, fences and ripped ones on the floor around Chernarus.

Whilst in-game, I will be collected nails which can be found and will be asking around if I have ran out as well as rags and documents (can't be found but roleplayed) - I will then be roleplaying giving these out but the information will be on the thread so if you have read the thread that has the information on it then you can roleplay back with me and if you see some stores (which will be said when I give them out) then you can roleplay with that information if you have heard of it in-game.


Type of ID that he will give out to show people



Examples of what the small leaflets will look like on the fences and scattered around cities and other places

- Coming Soon -

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