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Bad Version, server rejected connection.



Whenever I try and join the DayZRP servers, I get greeted with a message of "Bad version, server rejected connection".

Is the problem on the Mod or Standalone:

The Mod.

Does this problem occur on other public DayZ/ArmA/SA servers as well:


How long have you had this problem:

Since today when I tried to join again.

What have you done to fix this already:

- Downgraded my version of Arma to 103718

- Re-installed Arma OA

- Re-downloaded the DayZRP Launcher

- Checked the previous thread for this issue but none of the suggested worked and it's marked as "Solved" as the OP fixed the issue without knowing how.

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This is from a thread that will let you have the correct beta patch. The reason it is still giving you the error of a wrong beta patch is because you still have the wrong one.

Delete the beta folder in OA/expansions and install this patch- this should solve all issues.


Ahh, thankyou. I'll check if that works now.

Very sexy bloke, Thanks for the links and help!

The solution was what you quoted from Magw33d with deleting the Beta folder.

Appreciate all the help, you can close this now :)

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