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Tricks of the trade, and Wade's bag of secrets.

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A strange looking man is sitting at a table in the trade post, being lit up in the darkness by a nearby fire. You walk up to him, seemingly interested in the mysterious fellow, you intend to greet him but he opens his mouth first.

''Who dares approach Wade in his rest?'' He says in a rough and aggresive tone. You are going to say your name, but you are interupted.

''Just fucking with you pal, name's Wade Wilson, mercenary by trade, often called The merc with a mouth.'' He says as he kicks up his boots with a light tone and grin om hos face, you see dirt and dried blood om the soles. He whispers loudly a second or two after saying the last sentence. ''No one calls me that really'' He chuckles.

You're going to ask him about himself, his affiliations and friends, but he opens his mouth before you once more, he won't stop talking.

OOC: Just wrote this up on my iPhone and i will continue writing in a bit, essentially this will cover my character, his origins and how he came to survive whilst in a apocalypse and his tricks. Please tell me what i should improve on and the like, with the little text i have written so far.

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