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"Bad CD key"

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When i try to install the patch again because my game updated to the latest one, my installer says Bad CD key, i have tried everything you name it nothing is working.

Please help

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Edit: Sorry, different solution to a different problem.

This should fix it:

> Bad CD Key / No CD key - Reinstall Operation Arrowhead / Combined Operations. If that doesn't work:


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Guest magw33d

I wouldn't recommend going ahead with a full reinstall.

You need to:

  1. Launch Arma 2 via steam
  2. Close the game
  3. Launch Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead via steam
  4. Close the game

This allows steam to reapply the cd-key to your installation.

A full installation would solve this, but it isn't worth your time to download the files when it is easily fixable.

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Bad Key should be fine, I get it all the time and it still works.

Do you get the error afterwards saying your current version is greater?

If so, navigate into your ARMA 2 OA directory and delete the arma2oa.exe file. Also go into the Expansions folder and delete beta.

Then, go into steam and "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" by right clicking on Arma 2 OA, Properties. Go to "Local Files" tab and click the "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" button. Once that completes, run the beta patch installer again.

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I did all of that and it didnt work but thanks for the advice. Dont worry now i have fixed it; i went into expansion then beta in the arma 2 oa folder and copied all of the contents in that folder in to the arma 2 oa folder its self. I still get wrong cd key but now i can update my beta patch. you can close the thread. thanks

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