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Server Rules Overhaul


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  • Server Manager

The amount of rules and restrictions is destroying the fun factor of the server, which is the most important thing. DayZRP.com started with one rule only: No KoS. That has over the months developed into an extensive ruleset that covers multiple areas of the gameplay and banditry. It also creates a huge workload on the staff who have to solve the reports, often invalid.

My suggestion is about going back to roots of the server and DayZ. No carebearing, exploiting gray areas or being restricted by them. It also brings back the setting and paranoia feeling of DayZ.

These rules are just examples, thanks Tazoo! :D

Rule #1: No Kill on Sight (KoS)

You have to make any type of contact before initiating a hostile action.

Rule #2: Only kill if needed

If person complied do not kill them. No executions, camping or deathmatching in the coastal cities.

Rule #3: Stay in character

This is a roleplaying server, players being out of character all the time will be removed. You have to roleplay according to your character's skin (rMod).

Rule #4: Use common sense

Do not hack, insult others, be racist or otherwise unpleasant. In character insults are fine. Admins common sense will be used when handling reports.


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Yes, please yes!

Add the tradepost and the PCB rules and this will be perfect.

Just one question tho

If person complied do not kill them. No executions, camping or deathmatching in the coast cities.

Does that mean we can execute them in, let's say Stary?

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And God said... Let there be less rules!

I'm not quite sure about god but I think this is actually a good idea. There are just too much to keep track off and like you said it takes away the fun of the game somewhat. I think using these simple rules will make it easier for everybody to understand and abide to them.

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Less rules, and by less, I mean a lot less. In my honest opinion, the rules are killing this server and tearing it a part. And the rules are starting to cause issue, it's way too restricting.

I enjoy the no KOS, because it restricts people from being dicks in a video game. Since this is a roleplay server, I'd bet about 95% of us would not shoot someone on site in a real apocalypse like DayZ.

The 4 rules you have posted in this thread are more than enough.

I'm honestly getting tired of the constant flame wars going on in this community. I would really enjoy our admins/gm's/etc focusing on stopping and being harder on flaming rather than silly in game restrictions.

My 2 cents

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Only problem i see is:

Knowing from experience how much some players are trying to find grey areas today, won't this more or less turn dayzrp into an almost KOS server again?

I see that this simple rules could work perfectly if everyone want an RP experience etc, (probably the case before) but like things are now i know quite a few players who might aswell play ARMA as they are only after the fixed team PVP experience. This players will turn this server into a typical public hive server if rules are that reduced.

I personally do not belive less rules are the solution, but clearer more general and well thought out rules. (Might actually mean simpler lol)

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Rules typically become overly complex and destroy systems over time, however they get complex for a reason (tax law, for example). There's a lot of situations that folks have run across lately that don't seem very clear in the current set of rules, after what sort of contact is it okay to fire, or when is compliance technically defined, how is a new life to be treated, etc. But, there might be something to the idea that the more rules there are the more of these kinds of things will arise.

I'm voting for the short set of rules, as listed above (maybe with tweaks as needed). I'm new to the server of course, so I know my 2 cents is probably worth less than that, however, I think a simple set of rules and a sort of "common sense" understanding of how the server world is 'meant' to be will create a solid, very cool player base. Everyone will be on the same page, cause they'll have to.

I like the idea of people being able to be punished for going against the spirit of the rules, and admins not needing to cite subsections and precedent beyond "come on man, don't be a douche".

The tldr: I dig it.

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Rule #2: Only kill if needed

If person complied do not kill them. No executions, camping or deathmatching in the coastal cities.

i dont understand.... elaborate?

why just "in the coastal cities"? so its ok in the norther part of the map? orrrr

and cant we add no:

power gaming

meta gaming

god moding


this is a ROLEPLAY server after all right?

i think i know now what rocket meant in his Q&A earlier this month when he said he didnt like the humanity system at all...... if the humanity system was ripped out no one would have a need to glitch blood bag, or find a reason to kill someone just because they want a skin.

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  • Diamond

Roleplay should be more enforced, Rules are good enough, some improvements should be made. (Example, how long do you have to be chased to be allowed to shoot at the chaser?)

My proposition is, for example, enforcing chat so no terms such as "lol" "Lulz" "omg" (basic netspeak)Or emoticons could be passed in direct chat. What i estimate is a bit of rise on the immersion.

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I agree with the less rules. There wouldn't be exploitation of grey areas, because there would be next to no grey areas. It would be a lot easier to make a judgement on reports as there aren't many rules.

I think it will be a lot easier to play on the server with less rules without constantly thinking you're breaking a rule. I agree 9001%

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  • MVP

I don't think limiting down the rules will be beneficial in long run. Why ? It is too idealistic...

All law systems are damn huge. Why ? Because there is no way to force/or believe that people would follow common sense, won't deal harm etc. Rules are being made so 'folks' can apply to some norms and live with them. When it comes to judgment on the other hand, judges base upon law AND interpretation aka 'spirit' aka 'checking if that/other rule was meant to be used in the scenario'. All such interpretations can be easily traced by people who are interested in it - called 'lawyers' and provide services to 'folks' to both provide appropriate rules and knowladge of 'interpretation' of rules.

Do you need to be a 'lawyer' to have fun/know how to play ?

Lol hell noes :

Here, right now on the server we have what ? Almost 8 paragraphs of rules, thats not much considering that fact that more than half state obvious stuff concerning behaviour on forums/ingame, some admins rullings etc. What is important to 'players' mostly are points 1,2,4,8 . Rest is kinda obvious, it is there but they are not THAT neccesery for 'players'. Those 4 paragraphs are not a big material for reading, also state some obvious stuff but are needed to maintain some order in no KoS enviroment we all want to see.

Plus, you came here for one and only Dayz'RP', right ? Well, you need to sacrifice something, you need to deal with rules as they are the major thing making this place unique.

Look at reports, ask yourself a question - what is causing most problems/reports ?

MISIDENTIFICATION ! And here is where Rmod comes in, with PERMANENT (or atleast timer that wont allow to switch skins upon request but in like 1/2h time) skin selection.

There will be almost to none random misID KoS-es. With knowladge of skins you will be able to identify targets easier in 90% of occasions.

No incidents of NLR (people who violate NLR are abusing the fact of universal survivor skin and need of ID via direct, with perma skin they would be identified from tens/houndreds of meters away and simply killed and reported so long they get tired of deaths/swift bans)

Group vs group firefights , current RP interactions and new events (like holy clan wars , bounty huntwill ) will provide totally new quality to server, both in terms of 'reports' and FUN! :D

Hell, some rules are implemented with consideration that current skin system doesnt allow on spot ID. With Rmod it will be possible to cut down/ modify rules to make them simpler.

I agree that 'less rules = better' but that is just as true as dunno... 'grass is green and sky is blue', in general it is true, but there are occasions it is not true or just is not achievable.

I don't agree that rules take the fun away from game, that is silly. Current rules allow a lot of RP interactions/behaviours where you won't find them anywhere else. If rules are restricting you from 'fun of killing' then it is not a place for ya, there must be some kind of compromise within gameplay and enviroment we all want. Current rules are quite ok.

I would say that current rules need :

Some edition on making some stuff clearer, edition when Rmod hits in

What is a must have :

Not a rule change but GMs/Admins change of approach/organisation on reports.

Note is needed that GMs are judging on rules but they can also follow their 'interpretation'as every report describes almost a unique event.

GM gives a judgment backing his comment with rules and his own explanation. Interested parties can always afterwards make an appeal and a council of GMs would decide on previous decision and create 'interpretation guidelines'.

Such state should be continued for some time to create enough of 'interpretation guidelines' for future reports making future stuff easier to handle.

Imo it's only serious/worth trying method before dumbing down the rules and unleashing a mayhem with reports and KoS.

Again, past and present have proved you can't rely on peoples common sense,both on players AND GMs/Admins side. Rules are needed, current state is quite ok, some editing is needed but biggest gain is to be achieved on Staffs side.

Such council and 'interpretation' guide is really worth a shot IMO :)

That is all I can think off now,sorry for english above. For anyone that made it so far -> grab a free point ! You earned it :D

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I don't think limiting down the rules will be beneficial in long run. Why ? It is too idealistic... etc.......

That is all I can think off now,sorry for english above. For anyone that made it so far -> grab a free point ! You earned it :D


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  • MVP

Antelope, I have not written down the Rmod change skin so I'll explain what I thought about it here as it is crucial to my earlier post logic. :P

Basically, to make Rmod skins work fine the skins swap must be at least 'semi permanent'. That is : even if you die you respawn with last skin you wore. Plus you are forced to play with that skin for some time after death.

Variations/Improvments to that solution can be distinguished :

1) Fully Permanent skins,

Pretty much self explainatory, maybe a thread with requests for skin change could appear like such with forum names etc.

Ideall solution : Make it work everytime that if you die you should respawn with your permanent Rmod skin. No exceptions :P

Worse, but propably more feasible solution :

If it turned out impossible to automatically respawn with Rmod skin (without disconnecting or without 'setting up' skin via shop page) then a force kick should be handed out (this would work extremely well with pvp deaths ban like it was mentioned here). Everytime someone joins his gear/skin is being checked right ? So the server could make a check everytime you join if you are wearing the skin and either allow access or not :P This would force everyone to change back to their skins after death via shop page :P

2) Changable skins,

To change a skin you need prior to that click 'Order skin change' button somewhere in shop, it will initiate a countdown, 2h or maybe even up to 24h.After the countdown the 'Order skin change' button would enable a before grayed out 'Change skin' which would change your skin instantly.

Although it may still be abusable ( prior clicking and ordering different skin than current one and switching over after death to abuse NLR) but will provide functionality and compromise towards identification.

Other variant of 2) solution might be enabling skin change upon server restart, propably easier than timer to implement and also providing good compromise in terms of functionality and gameplay experience.

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