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"Just think about good things..."

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I look at the sky and it's beautiful. The sun is high and the birds are singing, I think I even see one flying away, free to go anywhere it wants, with no worries at all. I look at my chest and I grab my necklace, ripping it out and holding it in my hand. My mom gave this to me. When I was a kid and I couldn't sleep, she would say to me... "Just think about good things, what you'll do tomorrow, you're going to talk to your friends, you're going to laugh and make them laugh. Just think about what you'll do and relax..."

My name is Phillip, I was born in a tiny town called "Wanderer's Stop", it got that name because of all of the travellers that would stop by the city and rest for the night. It was in the middle of a big field, it had everything we needed, we didn't even need guns to protect ourselves, no one would try to harm us.

When I turned 18 I left. I wanted to see the world and live in those big, busy and chaotic cities that everyone talked about, I wanted to drive a car and go to work on an office! That sounded so good at the time... And so I left. I left my mom, my dad and my two brothers. God knows where they are right now, they might be dead... They might be alive... If there is a Heaven, I like to think that they are there, if they are not, I hope that they are safe in here. In the land of the... Well... Dead.

The only thing I have that reminds me of my family is this necklace. This rusty old necklace... I never left it behind, I've always kept this by my side. If anyone tried to take it away from me, I would fight back. This is worth, to me, more than anything else I have. It's funny how you can't let go of some things, you know? Even though it doesn't really have any real meaning, it's just a rusty piece of junk for others, but for me, it's a whole life that still didn't happen.

I look at the sky again...

I close my eyes and I say to myself...

"Just think about good things..."

I hear a clicking noise at the back of my head.

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