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Lost and Forgotten

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Page One

At the time they found me I had no clue who I was or where I was. By they I mean the two people who found me half dead in a ditch with almost no recollection of anything. Their names where Alice and Matt. Alice dragged me out of the ditch I was in (At least I think it was her). They seemed to of known who I was, that's why they didn't leave me there. The first thing I saw clearly and I still remember it as if it had just happened yesterday, was her face. I don't even know how to put it into words. It was definitely a sight to behold though that's for sure.

My head hurt, real fucking badly. My face and clothes where covered in blood, my head was bruised. They asked me questions about who I was and I told them I didn't know. They told me my name was Marcus, Marcus Beres. At the time I had no clue who I was. It was a horrible feeling, trying to remember but not being to be able to remember. Some fragments of things came back after I came to my senses. Matt didn't seem to happy to see me. I wasn't sure why at the time and I'm still not one hundred percent sure. He kept mentioning two words. "Black Hats". They patched me up and looked after me. I'm still thankful for it. Anyone else would of probably just left me for dead. They went and told me their names. We went on top of a dam that was nearby, right next to where they found me and we stayed there for a while a couple of their friends showed up.

Some memories of things where starting to come back after a while. Most of them where memories of before I came to Chernarus.

After walking for a while we set up camp and got some sleep.

When everyone started to wake up it was night time and we decided to head into a city called "Elektrozavodsk" to get supplies and meet up with the rest of Matt and Alice's friends. We walked down the road that leads into it from the north. Me and Alice went to a lake to fill our water bottles up while the rest went ahead into the city. We walked towards the city. Just talking. I can't really remember about what but we talked. Something came back to me. I recognised her from somewhere. Us talking in the back of a truck somewhere, I'm not really sure. I mentioned it and she said it was her.

Alice said she heard over radio from the others that there was someone causing some trouble in the store. She went and tuned my radio into the frequency they used and we began going into the town at a faster pace. Once we reached the store it was pretty obvious what was wrong, some idiot was throwing flares, attracting a lot of the infected towards us and just putting everyone at risk. I had enough. I shouted at him not to move or he'd be shot and for him to drop his weapons on the ground. I was not going to let this complete fool put these people that helped me in danger. After a moment he complied with my demands. He ran towards the exit and pulled something from his pocket that looked like a grenade and was about to pull the pin on it. I raised my gun and without a second thought I pulled the trigger a few times. He fell lifelessly to the floor. We checked his body and sure enough he had a grenade in his hand.

After we left Elektrozavodsk we headed towards another city called Chernagorsk. On the way we discussed what had happened in the store. I felt bad about killing him but in the end I decided it was the right choice. If I hadn't of shot him he would of probably killed all of us with that grenade.

Once we got near Chernogorsk we went into a small barn to see if there was anything useful in there. We stayed there for a while and the rest went off ahead. It was just me and Alice left in the barn. She said that she was going to go get some sleep. We closed the doors of the barn to make sure none of those infected got in and then she went to sleep. I kept watch for most of the night. My head still hurt like fuck. I took a box of painkillers from my bag, opened them, swallowed a few pills from it and washed them down with the water I had. After keeping watch for most of the night I finally fell asleep.

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Very nice!


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Page Two

I went and lost this book for a while but I found it again, turns out the bottom of your bag is actually a good spot to hide things apparently. It has been a while since I met this group. They have accepted me as one of their own and I am glad of it. It feels good to be a part of something. They call themselves a family and I am now part of it. There have been times where I just wanted to leave, but now I wouldn't even dare dream of it.

A lot of things have happened since I last wrote in this book. For starters I got initiated into the group about three weeks ago. That entire day is still etched into my mind. We where driving around for a bit looting supplies when we decided to set up camp up north. The rest set up camp whilst me and Alice went further into the woods to get some peace and quiet. We got some wood, made a fire and sat down next to it, just talking to each other. It was like that for a couple of weeks when I met her, we'd just go into the woods when we where setting up camp and just talk. Being there for each other when we needed it. Some days when I felt like complete shit, stuff like this helps a lot and she was there for me. When her husband died I did the same for her.

When we where sitting by the fire she went into her pocket and paused for a moment and then pulled out a letter and began reading it to herself, from the expression on her face I knew it was bad, an expression of sheer horror. She handed me the letter and stood up. She took a couple of steps forward before falling to her knees and clutching her stomach, closing her eyes tightly with a look of pain upon her face. I jumped onto my feet and rushed towards her. I knelt next to her and comforted her until the pain passed. After a while she walked towards where the others where set up.

I stayed back a bit and read the letter she got. It was a letter from her husband saying He's alive and faked his own death. I moved at a quicker to catch up with her and walk to the camp. Matt was the only one at the camp and the time, the rest where doing something else, I don't know what. We showed him the letter and he flipped out. Alice started walking down the hill when she collapsed to the ground. Me and Matt both ran as fast as we could towards her. I sprinted back to the cars to grab a box full of medical supplies and sprinted back over with them and placed them next to Alice and Matt. I knelt next to her but I didn't know what the fuck to do. I felt useless. I thought maybe everything would be fine until we noticed something. Blood. I was knelt there, eyes wide. I was completely speechless. The others where back and all they did was just fucking stand there and watch. When she regained conciousness she curled into the fetal position and was crying. It was painful to watch.

Watching someone you care for in pain is one of the worst possible things to witness.

She had just lost her unborn child.

She asked to be driven to lake and I obliged. On the way there there was not much words exchanged between us. She wanted some quiet and I respected that. The look of sadness on her face was literally tearing me apart and it was difficult to keep myself composed. Once we reached the lake and stopped Alice got out of the car to go clean herself in the lake. I laid her out a pair of clean clothes and walked around to the side of the car so she couldn't see me. I slumped against the side of the car with my face in my hands. If this was how I was feeling I don't know how the hell she feels but it pained me to even think about it. After a while of sitting there she got in the car and I got in also. It was very clear that she had been crying. A lot. We drove off back to the camp.

After sitting around for a while Alice went to talk to Richard and Matt in private. They came back shortly later and asked me and Michael to come with them. We kept looking at each other with confused looks whilst the lead us into the woods. After a few minutes of walking we reached where we where heading. then they told us to

*Most of the paragraph is scribbled out*

At first I was scared but Alice stayed close to me with her hand on my shoulder. With her there, I feared nothing. We cut the palms of our left hands, put our hands together and let the blood mix. The initiation was complete.

Everyone else went back to the camp but we stayed behind slightly. We talked for a while and went to find somewhere to sit down. It was dark so we set up a fire and sat down next to it. Matt turned up in a humvee a while later from a supply run and he took a crate of vodka from the back of the car. Me and Alice took a bottle each and went back towards the fire. Matt was really drunk and kept disturbing us to we moved away to somewhere quieter. We made another fire and sat down next to it close to each other. We drank and talked for ages by the fire. She leant over and rested her head on my shoulder. She told me that she didn't want to be alone any more, I told her I felt the same.

I hugged her, pulled her closer and kissed her on the forehead. She moved her head up so our eyes where level, looking in one anothers eyes and then after a moment, we kissed. I'm not even sure how to describe it... It felt... Amazing... Until an incredibly drunk Matt decided to show up and ruin the moment. We let him sit there for a while until we decided to pack up and leave. We drove around for a bit to find somewhere to hide the cars and set up camp for the night. After driving around for a while we finally found somewhere. Everyone else was asleep and there was no possibility of any interruption. Alone at last. We stood there smiling at each other she hugged me tightly. We smiled at each other and kissed again. Nobody to interrupt us this time. We stood there doing so for a while. After that we parted ways. I set up my tent, went inside and fell asleep with a smile on my face for once and that night, I had no trouble sleeping.

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Guest JMS

Been reading a lot of the roleplay threads today looking for some inspiration and this really provided it.

I really enjoy the way that you write and it was a really good read.

Good job

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