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The Journal of Aiden Miller

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  • May 28th, 2014

Damn it! I thought I had finally escaped them, I thought that I was safe. The damned Royal Reds were following me for months making my life a living hell and then one day, they were gone. I was ecstatic, I was finally free of them. But then today in the Stary tents a man by the name of Ivan introduced himself. He seemed like a nice man, a little fucked up in the head maybe, but overall he came off as kind. He told me he knew me and had been looking for me, he said he was once a part of the Reds and knew where some of the old member were. He said he would tell me their names and locations so I could extract my revenge. I was damn happy, they would get a taste of what it was like to be hunted. I would find them and torture them, make them feel the pain I felt.

Ivan told me to follow him to the barn nearby saying we could speak in privacy there. Boy was that stupid of me. When we arrived he got behind me and told me to drop all of my shit. Fuck. I did as I was told and dropped my gun and my bags, backing up after that was completed. He walked up to me and told me how he had been looking for me for 5 months and now that he had finally found me, he was going to have a little fun. Little did he know though, was that I had a chloroformed soaked rag in my breast pocket. When I had the chance I pulled it out and held it to his face until his body went limp, and then I started to run.

Unfortunately though, he had friends. I ran and I ran, going as fast as I could. Bullets were whizzing by, cracking as the hit the ground around my feet. A stray bullet hit me in the thigh but I had to keep going. The pain in my thigh felt like knives stabbing me over and over again with each step I took. I managed get away, loosing them in the forest. When I was finally able to rest I ripped a piece of cloth and bandaged my wound. It hadn't done too much damage, but it sure hurt like a bitch. The pain was too much and I had lost a lot of blood, the last thing I remember before passing out is the crunching of leaves behind me and a faint little giggle.

I woke up tied to a tree with Ivan sitting in front of me, 2 girls behind him, and a man to my right. "Hello Kitten" said one of the girls as the other giggled, "Sleep well?". Ivan told the girls to shut up, and then directed his attention to me. His face was covered by a gas mask, but there was a fire in his eyes, a fire that was going to burn me alive. "That was a really fuckin stupid thing to do, don't ya think?". I was still groggy so I just nodded my head which landed me a punch to the right side of my jaw and a "Speak the fuck up" from the man on my right. Over the course of the next 30 minutes I was interrogated and abused. Ivan told me that he wanted my past friend Skinner, and that he wanted me to get him all of the information I could on him, which I told him would be hard to do as I hadn't spoken to Skinner in quite a while, which in turn got me another sucker-punch. When the interrogation was done Ivan told me to contact him on the frequency he had written down and cut my bonds. I stood there as the left and just watched...it was strange. I wasn't angry and I didn't want revenge, I actually liked them.

It's been 5 hours since then now, and here I sit writing in this Journal with the radio besides me. I picked it up and tuned to the open frequency, a frequency that would be heard by all across Chernarus. I pushed on the talk button and spoke only 5 words "I'm coming for you Skinner". I would like to think that he heard it.

Feedback is very much appreciated as this is a first time thing for me

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Really nice read dude! Can't wait for you to write the events of the other night where you were 'tortured' :P

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