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Max Barlow the australian bartender

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Max Barlow is a 24 year old male from australia.

His father Lewis Barlow a dutch male died when Max Barlow was only 12 years old.

His Mother Jeana Barlow from australia died at the age of forty-two.

Max used to live with his girlfriend in England. But then the day came

when Max found out that his girlfriend was sleeping with his best-friend after a late work day.

Max Got so angry that he beat up his bestfriend in his apartment. His girlfriend called the police.

When they showed up Max was sitting outside the apartment. He got arrested and brought to jail.

As soon as max got out from jail he lost his job because of it. He had some money left and decided to

start a new life. So thats when he did the stupid choice you could ever do and moved to chernaurus,

He bought a simple but cozy apartment and started working at a pub in Electro.

He had a good life and forgot about his past untill that is to say. The outbreak happend.

One night Max was working the late night shift and noticed that there weren't that many people.

It was almost dead. Just as dead as the person that came in some minutes later. The man jumped another

customer that was ordering a drink.

Max thought fast and hit the man over the head with a whiskey bottle.

As he ran to the man that got attacked he noticed a deep bite from the attacker.

Max ran to the backroom calling the ambulance but it didn't work.

As he ran back to the man he noticed that he was standing up and then he attacked Max.

Luckly enough he manage to kick this man of after he scratched Max on the arm.

Max ran out the back and headed to his apartment. As he was running to the apartment

he noticed the chaos and the people running and screaming. Now he is trying to survive the apocalypse.

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