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Fidors Journal - Limbo

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Fidor slipped his backpack of his shoulders and slumped down, resting against a large rock, he quickly grabbed his bag as it started to roll down the steady slope he was on. He opened it up and brought out some things. A red leather journal, worn and dirty with a torn silk marker hanging from the bottom. Some packaged foods, an MRE, an energy bar and scratched up plastic bottle filled with water. "Mmm... delicious" he said under his breath and sighed. He opened his journal and found an empty page. A picture slipt out.


He stared at it blankly, he discarded it.

"I've been thinking a lot today, an old friend is back, that marcus guy or whatever his name is caught a glimpse of me with my mask off, I gotta talk to him about that before he tells someone else. I came looking for Mick, I needed to find him but it looks like he already found me, he's the only reason I joined, there was nothing but crying and tears and running off and crazy shit like that, man I haven't even got a proper chance to speak to all of them yet, half of them don't know who I am."

Dark circles started appear on the page, he looked to the skies and globs of water splashed onto his glasses, he cursed and tumbled into his tent which was crookedly constructed on an angle.

He carried on writing.

"really feels weird being under someone's control. Back in the watchers I was in control, well apart from the Professor and bloody Staggs, that bastard always wanted my position, but now... but now things are different, well actually they're pretty much the same, things are not bad but neither are they good... with the obvious exception from the brainless afflicted that want to chow down on your face of course. Its like a fucked up Limbo we're in right now, to determine whether or not we're going down or rising up."

His pen started to leak ink from the edges "Godammit!" he shouted as he threw it outside and wiped his hands down his trousers. He froze as he heard a crack of twigs and a rustle of leaves.



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