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Dayz infection start (want feedback)

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Guest cole6011

April 3rd, 2013, North Korea has begun threatening to nuke the United States. While the odds of an actual strike are unlikely, the US takes the threats seriously and prepares their military incase it does happen. Weeks go by with North Korea continuing to threaten the US. People begin to laugh if off as Kim Jong un just trying to show off. Two months later Kim Jong un has stopped the threats and now most of the world have moved on, confident that the threats were indeed, just the North Korean leader trying to appear fierce and strong.

On the 5th of June however, North Korea fired a nuke at US forces stationed in South Korea. Killing tens of thousands of troops and civilians. The US and South Korea were outraged. Immediately following the strike, the US launched several precision air strikes on key North Korean military locations, followed by a nuclear strike on North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang.

Due to North Korea striking first, and to prevent a third world war, Russian and China do not get involved.

Within a few week most of North Korea’s military is destroyed. The US and South Korea then send in ground forces to destroy the remaining North Korea military. In just a month, North Korea is destroyed and now under the control of the US and South Korea. What was North Korea is now given over to South Korea. The country is simply renamed to, Korea.

Iran and Syria are outraged by what has happened but decided not to retaliate. Instead the two countries secretly begin working together to create biological weapons for a possible retaliation against the US.

Then two months later, reports begin to spread of Syria using chemical weapons on their own people. Within days the US is convinced that chemical weapons were used, and begin to threaten to attack Syria. Russia warns the US not to attack or else they would face extreme consequences. The US ignores the warnings and attacks Syria a week later. Once again the US uses precision air strikes. Syria quickly retaliates however by breaking international law, and using chemical weapons on US forces stationed in Turkey. Following this event, Russia invades Korea and Turkey. Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Israel, and Italy back the US, and join in on the war against Syria and Russia. Iran and China quickly side with Russia and Syria. It was no question at this point that the world was now entering a third world war.

The UN begins demanding that the use of chemical weapons by Syria be stopped. Syria agrees to stop using the chemical weapon. However, they do begin using biological weapons instead. NATO forces, wishing to avoid a nuclear war, decided against the use of nukes. However limited use of biological weapons is agreed upon. Russia, China, Syria, and Iran scientist begin secretly working on a biological weapon which they hope will give a devastating blow to NATO forces.

Despite the agreement of the limited use of biological weapons by NATO forces; Great Britain is convinced that any use of biological weapons would cause major catastrophe. Great Britain begins advising to all nations that the use of biological weapons be stopped instantly. France and Italy were the only countries to consider it. The rest of the NATO forces agreed that the use of chemical was a must. Months later, the entire world would wish they had done as Britain suggested. At that time though, the idea is pushed aside and Russia mocks Great Britain by calling them, a small island and that no one pays attention to them. Outraged by this comment, Great Britain launches a deadly attack on Russian forces stationed in Turkey and Syria, landing a devastating blow, and greatly helping NATO forces.

Mean while, in places such as Egypt and Africa, rebel armies manage to get a hold of small quantities of biological weapons almost exactly the same as the one that was being developed by Russia, China, Syria, and Iran. Without the understanding of how to use these weapons, many rebel units caused severe damage both to their own men, enemy soldiers, and civilians. With the rest of the world focused on the third world war, the destruction caused by these rebel units went almost completely unnoticed. All the biological weapons used in Africa and Egypt caused the first outbreak of what we now know as the infection. Although very few were actually affected and it was in small rural towns and villages. The Egyptian government kept the infection under control and unknown to the public. Egypt was also the first country known to research this infection and there are rumors that they even produced thousands of quantities of antidotes. However there is nothing to confirm this.

As the weeks go by, the third world war only gets worse. An estimated 15 million people are already dead, and around 30 million injured. The extreme usage of biological weapons has had a profound effect on the world. As one would expect, more people had been killed by the biological weapons, than by bullets and bombs.

Eventually NATO forces had pushed China and Russia back and the war was no longer being fought in Turkey, Korea, and Syria, but now being fought in Syria, Russia, Iran, and China. In mid October, Syria was destroyed. Iran is destroyed a week later. By the end of October, somewhere around 400 million people are dead, and 600 million injured. The cost of the war has become to high and the UN drastically tries to negotiate peace to stop the war. Only France and Japan were willing to stop the fighting. That left the US, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Israel, and Italy left to fight Russia and China.

By early November, Russia and China have finished the development of what they called, “The Smert' cheloveka Bomb” which in English means, “The Death of Man Bomb.” With the possibility of Russia and China being defeated, they use the bomb without even testing it. The devastation and destruction it caused was worse than they imagined it would be. The weapon immediately caused world wide catastrophe. People around the world began to suffer. Including Russia and China’s own people.

While exactly what happened to someone affected various, the general side effects were; Peeling of skin and flesh, weakening of bones, numbness in all of the body, extreme hunger and desire for meat, rage fits, and then becoming mostly brain dead. When they became brain dead, they were still capable of walking and sometimes running, but that was the only human like thing they could do. The only means of communication was growling, screaming, and grunting. They constantly needed meat to survive and this caused people who were infected to attack those that weren't infected. Over half the world’s population was affected by this. The UN, Japan, France, and Egypt begin demanding that the war come to an end or else the entire destruction of man kind was definite. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, all countries finally agreed to end the war and begin trying to stop this chaos.

Scientist quickly discovered something however. There were people who were completely unaffected. Scientist from all nations immediately began researching why some people were infected and why others weren't. Within days, scientist from France discover that there is a special immune system that some people had and that others different. Those who had this special immune system weren't infected and continued to live on normally. A possible antidote was ordered to be made immediately. Unfortunately a mass production of the antidote couldn't be made quick enough. The infection spread to almost every continent on earth by one means or another.

Australia, Iceland, Greenland, Madagascar, New Zealand, and many small islands were the only places that managed to keep the infection under control. They were immediately dubbed as the safe havens.

Government officials, Kings and Queens, Dictators, and other people of importance began setting up new civilization in the safe havens. In the early December of 2013, the UN began sending majority of the uninfected from Europe and parts of the middle east to Iceland and Greenland. While those in Africa were sent to Madagascar. People from North and South America, Asia, and the most of the middle east were sent to Australia, New Zealand, and other small islands in the Pacific Ocean.

There were a lot of people who made it. Unfortunately there were many more who didn't make it. The vast use of biological weapons had caused many climate changes and weather changes in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. When some boats and planes were heading to the safe havens, they would get caught up in one of the freak storms and crash. Many people found themselves in foreign places. Those in a ship headed towards Australia or New Zealand often found themselves in Russia after a storm.

I personally survived a ship wreck and found myself in a place known as Chernarus.

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Voodoo    357

All back stories follow the official backstory linked above. I believe Tomeran is in the process of writing a world backstory currently. Apart from this its a good read but as I said the official story is what we follow.


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