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Hello my brothers and sisters!

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Hello! im Father Jones, i used to run the church in electro a long time ago, but now i go town to town letting people know the lord has not forgotten anyone! even in this time of great trials!

Have a blessed day, Father Jones.

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Welcome to the community Father Jones!

I would recommend checking out this guide; Fruitpunch's Guide for Newcomers, it's a 7 minute video that covers all the essentials for someone new to the server.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask someone as we are all pretty friendly here. You can alternatively make a thread in the Questions or Troubleshooting sections of the forums if you wish.

I see you have already been whitelisted, congrats! Have fun and stay safe out there.

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Welcome mateyboy. And remember, you're here forever :)

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Guest TunnelSnakeIrish

Are you my father???? :troll: welcome to DayZRP dad but remember when your whitelist application was accepted your soul is signed away to rolle :@

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