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My Story (brief)

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[attachment=1151]I was a country kid, lived in a nice rural town. This town was just like any of your average towns, we had our cows, chickens, goats, and plenty livestock to keep us full. Our livestock were "usually" quiet, that is until one morning. The day of the "accident" I remember looking up into the grey clouds in the sky, i thought to myself man its going to pour tonight. I loved the sound of rain droplets crashing into my roof, the sound of rain hitting the rooftop of my little adobe could put me right to sleep every single time. I slept. I slept until i was awoken by a flash of light, the light was immense; it lit up my whole house. Suddenly I felt like my body[/size] was sinking into an abyss, I heard the loudest boom anyone could ever imagine. The light started to dim. I was blinded by the light so bad that i had to take a while to recuperate. Once my vision was no longer blurred I sprinted outside to see what the hole ordeal was about. I walked out to the front porch and saw the most horrid sight of my entire life. The little town was no longer civilized. I could not see anyone through the thick smoke. Worried, I ran inside my house to get my backpack, tools, and water; whatever I needed to search for survivors. I will do my best to find The last of us, we're not going down without a fight. I have made it out alive. I don't know how I'm alive but i am. Its time to start searching. I've gotta go, i can see something in the distance. "*Closes Diary*" "*starts walking towards distant town near the horizon*".

Smoove Diary Log- Day 1.-The lost survivors.

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