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This land is breaking me (Poetry)

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My name is Eduardo Diaz and I am mentally wounded by this reality

Therefore I'd like to say sorry for my upcoming brutality

I hate hope because you believe in fairy tales

I hate light, love the dark clouds above me on a major scale

I hate everybody, no-one is following me

I bet they wanted to see how alive they could be

I hate life, because my life is sour

I'm thinking why am I alive every minute of the hour

I hear you thinking, put it to an end

Well I will, but first let me push you of this tower

My thoughts are ruined by this terrible world

I only can think of darkness and pain

Please, say: you're fucking insane

Well what would you expect when someone took a bite of your brain

I'm not scared because I admire the death

I love those infected cunts with their deathbringing breath

No, you're right that's just an excuse

I should face the fact that there is no cure for my wrath

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