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Eduardo's Today

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Today I woke up from a horrible night. I haven't put one eye closed because of that horrible moaning and screaming sounds of the outside. I think this was one of the most scariest nights I have experienced in life.

You know, sleeping in a cranky barn isn't the most comfortable making place to sleep...

The sun stood high in the sky and I thought it was time to move on. I didn't scavenge the whole farm for loot because it wasn't looking very promising.

Outside I stepped on my bike and moved on.

When I was outside cycling in Chernarus' somehow still beautiful nature, I thought of my friends and family back home in Los Angeles. The virus will probably reached the westcoast of the US aswell. Why did the government had to send me here.... Why were the prisons back in the USA all full... Probably because it is a shit ass country. Should've just stayed in Mexico. Would've probably made my life a lot easier...

Look at me now, all black by those stupid ass gang tatoo's, no family, no friends, no life.... It's weird that you know that one of these days your life is going to end. They say life is short. Yes... in our case it is...

By evening I reached Berezino. Finally I reached my destination. Hopefully it will not be my last...

I found a little brick home with a well in the garden. Good, because I was thirsty as hell. I'm physically broken of all that cycling. Let's call it a night.

My name is Eduardo Diaz, and this was "Today".

Good night.

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