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Returning to RP after a break and have a question regarding lore.

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Hey guys and girls, it's finally so nice to be able to come back to DayZRP after being swamped with university work... anyways.

My question is this:

What is the lore regarding the USS Khe Sahn? (Aircraft carrier from Arma 2 campaign" ? Could I perhaps suggest it's not too far off the coast ? (for an explanation of the helicopters now in S3?)

Or any other ideas along those lines?

I'm asking as I thought to explain my absence I could perhaps role play a scenario where I was fishing in a PBX and got dragged out to see after dropping my radio in the sea and eventually finding the USS Khe Sahn only to find it deserted / zombified an wrecked, except for a chopper or two?

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I don't see why this would be a problem...would be a nice roleplay story to tell people IG :)

There's nothing about a ship in the official lore, so if you not sure whether to, as Tomeran here.

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