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Russel Radwai's Story

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My Characters Name is Russel Radwai, He is a 43 year old Russian Immigrant from The Southern US living with his brother Tyler. When he turned 22, after years and years of studying to be a nuclear physicist, he got a career at a near by nuclear power plant. after years of working there he participated in the design of nuclear fusion reactors. One day he got a an emergency alert from from the intercom telling them to evacuate, 15 minutes after he left the power point, it exploded due to excess amounts of uranium in the turbine engine. He was instructed to take a train to the nearest city, and as far away from the reactor as possible. On the train to Kazan, just east of Moscow, the Soviet Army stopped the train beat him, took them away, and locked them up. His best guess is that they didn't want any of the information on the explosion getting away. The next thing he knew he woke up strapped to a bed hooked up to a weird machine in a underground intelligence facility. Boxed away in a room. He looked at his watch "12:44 PM", picked up a newspaper, DATE 11/25/2014. He was in a coma for 21 years. Russel Radwai's only task is to find a way out, find his brother, and survive.

Hope you enjoyed my background, see you guys around :)

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