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Of Two Minds

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Chapter one - Somewhere at the beginning.

Despite popular belief, I'm not a bad man.

It was a dark, dimly lit night, the sound of the wind rushing past my ears as me feet clamped down on the damp earth repeatedly as I ran, the moon above shining it's soft, milky light onto my surroundings and it was only in this moment of thought, that I realized how eerie this place truly was, especially with the horrific screams of those nasty buggers behind me.

The muscles in my legs screamed at me to stop, for my own sake, I had to ignore my desires to rest, those things behind me, unlike myself didn't get tired, they had an unnatural sense of stamina and an even further unnatural sense of speed. Reflecting back on it now, I'm glad I kept fit while I was younger, I felt the determination to survive revitalize my body with one final surge of energy, I dived to the right, impressed within myself with the sheer height I managed to achieve.

Until it was that I realized that it wasn't the air I had gained, but the land underneath me that was on an incline.

The saying, it's not the fall that hurts you, but the sudden stop at the end, was in fact true, but I experienced that pain over and over again as I felt my body tumble head over heels down the side of what felt like a mile long incline of a hill, that tumbling was soon halted by the loving embrace of a local pine tree, more specifically, it's bark.

Later, not much later, but my interaction with that tree must have knocked me clean out, I could only thank whatever, truly, truly evil power that be above that he had given a small sliver of mercy for those things not to have noticed my decent down that muddy incline. I got up, noticing that my clothing was caked in leaves, marred with grass stains and hung heavy with the stench of some form of animal dung. Just my luck.

Shrugging off my shirt and jacket, I stripped down to the bare minimum, which I almost regretted immediately, the cold was instantaneous and unforgiving, striking me right at my core as I decided to immediately move, lest I go mad and freeze. I soon broke into a light jog, breaking quickly from the tree line and being only greeted by further fields and forest, panning my view to the right I caught a glimpse of the expansive ocean on the horizon and with the majority of my gear now caked in mud, and the rest of it littered on the side of a hill infested with those "things," I couldn't think of a better option.

It was with that decision in mind that I trotted further down the country side, my trajectory set on the ocean, it didn't take long and the trip itself was rather uneventful, I broke from from another treeline to be greeted by the coast of Chernarus, I was still pretty sure this was the southern end of this little outcrop of land and it was with that knowledge that I peered over my surroundings, noticing quite quickly and old farmstead not too far from my current location. It was with haste that I moved down to the dusty looking building and with disappointment, found them to be empty.

Exiting through the opposite end, I happened upon an old tractor, if I was honest with myself, I was tired and still in minor pain, taking it and making my journey shorter couldn't be such a bad thing, could it? I had learnt from early childhood that the tractors keys were always usually kept within the farm houses themselves and after a few minutes of searching, I found not only those keys, but a canteen and some road flares too. I raced back out towards the tractor, hopping onto the seat itself and popping the keys into the ignition with one quick motion, I heard the old but still strong engine roar into life. I couldn't tell you how much I loved old things, they were built to last, not being too old myself, that sounds like such an odd thing to say, especially remembering the students I interacted with back home.

The tractor wasn't a super car, it chugged slow and steady but it was faster and much more comfortable than walking, I made my way through an old town, which in retrospect, was a poor idea, those things got riled up in a big way, fortunately for myself, they were distracted by a flare in the distance as I drove from the outskirts, if I was correct, I'd just left Elecktro.

I thought everything had gone too well, I wasn't ignorant to my situation, but I knew all too well that humans were just as dangerous, if not more so than the monsters that roamed the streets of cities and towns alike, but it was as a car turned the corner of the road in front of me, I immediately knew something was off. We were in the middle of nowhere, along a coastal road with nothing nearby but trees and the soft sound of waves, he got me to stop and against my screaming instincts, I stepped from the tractor, only to be thrown back on it by an infected, the male in the other car pulled out a deadly looking gun, fired off a few rounds to kill those that were swarming around us, but it was with initial regret that I fled, I turned the tractor back on and took to the off road, I knew my car would be better suited for off road travel and soon I found that he was no longer following me.

Or so I thought.

It seems the clever bastard had pushed me towards a roadblock owned by his friends, no way I could avoid it, as a tall-ish male stepped in front of me, raising his gun threateningly.

"Stop the tractor and turn off the engine, if you have any weapons, leave them on the tractor too."

He sounded Russian, although I couldn't tell, he walked close to me, ordering me to raise my hands, I did so obediently, raising my hands and pressing them to the back of my head, I drew my attention from my hostile friend and scanned the landscape, several of them six or seven at least even if I had something to defend myself with, I certainly wouldn't have fancied my chances, some of those men were packing things I'm sure I'd seen in Sci-Fi movies.

I was questioned, poked, prodded, weighed and judged, these men wanted to know exactly who I was, who I belonged to and what my business was, not once did I desire to step out of line, I didn't fancy I bullet through the brain from men I had no desire to die to, I had pinned them for bad men, I think they might've been, but seeing my predicament they let me go, stripping me of anything useful, but allowing me to keep the tractor itself, for that much I was grateful, paid my dues and got out of there as soon as possible.

With a quick look behind me, I saw three letters spray painted onto their black SUV, B-17, no idea who they were, but as of right now, I didn't want to fuck with them.

I got at least a kilometer up the road before the tractor died, it must've been running on fumes in the first place, I was happy I'd gotten this far, but without a map I couldn't really make the dedication of going inland, the southern coast was familiar to me from the maps I had a chance to study. I managed to coast the tractors into some trees, hopping off the side and sighing with relief at my luck today, beaten but alive.

I slumped down by the side of the tractor, the heat radiating from the engine rather comforting as I lapsed into a state of sleepy unconsciousness, the night claiming my mind as my exhausted body forced myself to rest.

Chapter Two - Baron Vengous

Who I was, who I am, who I always will be.

I soon began to feel the heartbeat in his throat as my hand continued to squeeze down on his pathetic excuse for a windpipe, his once fair skin now turning an odd shade of purple as I continued to close my grip, feeling his life quickly slipping away in my hand. He clawed, whimpered and wheezed, his attempts at pleading soon silenced by my efforts as my free hand reached down to my belt, the holster containing my side arm was relinquished of it's contents as I slowly pulled the metallic death from it, I then pressed it to his forehead and with a sweet smile and a tilt of my head, I pulled the trigger and painted the tree with his brain matter.

I hadn't felt this liberated in some time, as I let go of what was left of the poor fellows body, watching it slump to the floor lifelessly, the sweet smell of powder burn on my sleeve allowing me to revel in this sweet sensation of death as I licked a speck of blood from the corner of my mouth.

I confide in the fact that I am far more capable than my counter part, as useful as he had been, he had limited ability here, but his recession into my mind was a sweet release for my conciousness as I roamed freely in the wastes of what once was human civilization. Contrary to popular belief, the walking dead are far more tolerable than the human population, even now hear them trudging by my side, but they don't bother me, they never do.

I'm different, you see.

Baron, that's my name, I thought as I walked down the dirt road, spinning my gun on my finger before holstering it to where it was before. I had a morbid fascination with death, even when I was allowed to surface when I was little, I revelled in killing small animals, watching their lives seep from their bodies as I twisted their necks out of their natural position, I'm a dark, twisted soul and the people of Chernarus will soon come to learn that.

I breathed a sigh of contented relief as I broke over the side of the hill, eyeing what I was told was the Tradepost, a place where many so called survivors congregated to enjoy their lives together. How pathetic.

I needed to study these people more, despite my sheer callous intention to want to disembowel every single excuse for humanity within those walls, I knew all to well that doing so would get me killed, as skilled as I wished to be, I wouldn't stand to much of a chance against mortar fire and tanks.

I could feel him trying to resurface, the notion of death nauseated him so, it filled me with glee to cause him such discomfort, but for now I welcomed his embrace, the sweet taste of fading control encompassed me as I allowed him to take the reins. Enjoy your time in the drivers seat for now...


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Kyle this was absolutely prime.

Thanks buddy, I'm really glad you liked it. :D

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Chapter 3 - Unexpected arrivals.

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping over me, the sun was bright and the usually damp floor was rather dry. Today was going to be a good day, I hoped.

I set off from the southern end of Rogovo with the intention of heading loosely along a trail that I'd already planned in the general direction of Pobeda, I had some business up there I needed to attend to, I was told to meet the people who shared a similar mindset with me there, the meeting place was a random as they get, so far out of the way of the other members that I hadn't even considered it a possibility, but no, I had five or so hours to get there on foot.

I headed first and foremost to Green Mountain, to my surprise what I found there is now something I consider to be my most valued companion in this place, I found a dog. Now, I've never seen a dog within my two year time period here, not one, but this shivering, half starved German Shepard was curled up by the dug in pile of bodies, the stench was reeling, but not something I hadn't experienced before.

I was fully aware that the pup could've been feral, but despite my presence he didn't seem all too bothered, I edged over slowly, throwing a pre-cooked piece of rabbit by the dogs paws, only then did I get a reaction out of him, I've never seen a piece of food devoured so quickly, but that rabbit steak had barely even touched the ground before it'd been wolfed down by the stray.

If a dog could smile, the panting face before me was a sign of such a thing, I tossed him another piece of rabbit, filling a wooden bowel with rainwater I'd collected earlier in a canteen, both of which were soon gone, packing up, I decided to part way with the pup, not before spotting a small dug in stash underneath one of the burnt out vehicles and with a bit of rummaging, pulled out an old looking silencer and Rifle, with a scope on it too.

It was then I realized with the sound of soft panting behind me, that I was being followed, I turned to find that the pup was standing by my side and now that he was fully raised, I could well appreciate his height, his was big, not fully grown I'd imagined, but big enough, it could be entirely possible that malnourishment had stunted his growth as for now however, he seemed healthier and happier than before.

Great, now I had something I cared about...

I scratched between his ears, the pups head tilting to meet my hand, I couldn't help but let out a soft smile, how I loved dogs. I hadn't given him a name, at this point I think it'd be a little too soon just to make the assumption that he wasn't someone else's, or that he'd be taken away from me prematurely, getting attached this soon would only rip me apart if the worst happened which it most likely would in this hell hole.

I packed the gun away in the home made sling sewed to my backpack, threading the now silenced m1911 into the holster strapped to my belt, rubbing my eyes of the sleep that I still felt, I stood up slowly, inhaling the sickeningly familiar aroma of pine, I looked down at the dog and raised my eyebrow, he was still there, waiting for me to move, I nodded my head in the direction I planned to head, The German Shepard snorting softly in what I imagined to be his reply, with that, we set off.

The dogs company makes me feel differently about this place, for the first time I felt a true, pure happiness and that terrified me, despite myself, despite my ability to block out my emotions for the people around me, this dog gave me a nostalgic connection to my past that I wish hadn't surfaced, but now had. We hadn't made it much further out of Green mountain by that point, we begun to follow the road along to Pustoshka, the trip was uneventful as we occasionally stopped past the barren fields to check for livestock, rifle parts and the like, it wasn't until we reached Vybor that things began to heat up.

Upon entering Vybor, I didn't really suspect much, each time I'd passed this place it's been relatively empty, devoid of any real human life, but this time I got a different feeling. Acknowledging the undead around us, I guided the pup into a kennel, telling him to stay, which to his credit, he did. That point on was strange, I headed up to an office building which I assumed to be empty, searching the lower floors to no avail, slowly making my ascent up the staircase to the top, it was there that I was greeted with one of the most surreal and frightening experiences of my life to date.

"Drop your weapons, do it now."

Came voice as if from no where, my head turned instinctively, it was as I feared as my gaze crossed the man, with a now rather threatening looking Winchester aimed at my skull. I wanted to buy time, give myself a window of opportunity for fight or flight, this guy, whoever he was, was out gunned by myself, despite his range advantage with those slugs.

"Alright, alright, no need to get violent, I'm dropping my weapons."

I muttered, unhooking my hatchet from it's sling, lobbing my pistol onto the floor, I was strangely calm at this point, I knew now more than ever that my life was more important than my possessions, but what happened next surprised me.

A black figure appeared from behind the foreign sounding man, he raised a shotgun and fired, no hesitation, no mercy, no regret, the male who had been holding me up slumped to the floor, his life extinguished as quickly as a candle in a violent wind, I felt the blood speckle my face, made cold by it's short journey through the air. My gazed leaned up to the figure, he was a picture of someone not to fuck with, black attire, gas mask and a mean looking glint to his shotgun.

"That was an S.D.S member, if you want to live, we need to get out of here now."

His gas mask made him hard to hear properly, but I nodded in understanding and gathered my things with all due haste, dropping quickly by the body and cutting off his patch, grabbing a few bandages and moving on. I followed the gas masked man as he jumped from the roof onto a dustbin bellow, then down onto the floor, I followed suit rolling as I hit the floor, whistling quickly calling the pup to come over to us, and again to his credit, he did.

I followed the male, he didn't say much, but if what he said was true and we did need to leave this place, I trusted him more than anyone at that moment.


He yelled at the roar of a distant engine was heard, chances are he must believe them to be S.D.S, luckily for us, the bridge between Vybor and Pustoshka was created over a pretty steep incline of land. We both jumped down rolling as we hit the ground, the world spinning in my viewpoint all of which soon came to a stop, I heard the man in the gas mask groaning before suddenly stopping, rushing over to him, I soon realized that he'd sustained a lot more damage than I from the fall.

With very little time left until the car was upon us, I examined his wounds, noting the branch that was stuck in his shoulder, I quickly ripped it out, compressing and bandaging the wound, quickly feeding him painkillers before giving him a rag to hold over his mouth to mute the sound. This entire time, the dog had been by my side, his head cocked as he listened to the car roll up onto the bridge above.

I held my breath, nothing at this point could've been more terrifying but the moment in which the driver above turned off the car, I was sure we were made, my entire body jolting as I heard roaring gunfire from above, either they were firing at the Zed's or they'd mistaken a civilian for ourselves, assuming it was S.D.S.

Once the man had begun to feel better, and the car had moved on slightly, we decided to make a break for the tree line to the west, sprinting heavily with the male and the dog at my side, hearing the roar of the engine come to life, I managed to glance at the men in the car, black clad, toting a light machine gun mounted to a tripod onto the back of the car, the sheer terror as I realized they'd spotted us washed over me, my only relief was that we'd made it to the tree line, our bodies soon shielded by branch and bracken alike.

The rest of that evening became a blur of splinter cell like covert travel, occasionally being sighted by various sketchy members of the human race, we made no contact, with what we'd just done, being hunted was the last thing we needed, but even at that point we couldn't afford to stop, I'm pretty sure we'd been running for several hours straight.

I lost him, the man in the gas mask that is, somewhere in the trees we had been separated, and now that nightfall was upon us I could afford to rest a little, I circled around to Prud, carefully setting up my tent between some trees, collapsing within as the pup joined me. What an interesting day...

With that, I felt the sweet embrace of sleep, accompanied by dog breath. I fell asleep with a smile.

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Brilliant read, I wonder if you'll run into this man again.

Gettin' all the love from the clan on this thread. :D

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Awwwww yeah 10/10 would read again!

Yusss. :D Thank you Shadow. ^_^

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