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Andrew Junkin BackStory

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The air was warm. Warmer than ever before in Columbus in the summer of 2016.

No one thought anything of it. The scientists told us is was just global warming.... political bullshit blinded us from the real crisis.

We had all heard the rumors of people who were coming back after dying. The heat making people come back from the graves wench they came. We all thought not us we aren't like those third world countries with no medicine and no immune systems.

Oh how wrong we truly were.

It spread faster than any cold or any virus we had thought imaginable. One died, two died, everyone died, but it didn't end there. They came back. It started as one or two. We found out what they were and put them down. Then they started dying and coming back by the thousands. Droves of these un-dead mutants attacking us.

I, Andrew Junkin at the age of 22 was taken from being at the top to fighting for survival in the last known place on Earth that wasn't overtaken by these sick creatures of hell.

When the outbreak reached Ohio I grabbed my family and took the first plane to Chernarus, Russia which was the only uninfected place in the world at the time. After arriving we found that the outbreak was even affecting here little by little. At first it was me and my family. I would go out every morning and salvage what remains I could find in houses. It was a rough transition going from a 5000 sq. ft. house and a job as a professional fisherman to a little hut in the woods but we managed.

All went well up until they found us.

Apparently they had been venturing farther and farther out of Electro into the forest in search of remains and food. They attacked us and killed all of them.

My family my only true love left in this world. The only thing I had left the only people I truly cared for taken from me.

Suicide I thought was my only way out. My only true escape from the hell that had become Earth. I had taken the guns and everything I had gathered in my searches and piled them together in the middle of what was left of our camp. Took what little gasoline we had and poured it on top of the guns and burned them. I saved only one gun and one bullet for myself.

I had put the bullet into the chamber ready to pull.

Ready to end it all.

Then out of nowhere came a yell. The most human thing I had heard since my families passing. I took my gun and instantly shot the person who was running at me... I hadn't realized how tuned my reflexes were from the hours I had spent away from the safety of camp. My one chance at escape I had just killed another man with.

That was when I realized that I was here to survive. To get past this period of shit in the worlds history. Ever since that day when I almost killed myself I have taken every opportunity given to me in this shithole called Earth and used it.

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