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Overpoch Napf - Bad version

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I have played Overpoch a couple of days ago and it was fine, my dayz commander is up to date, and running the game through the CCG Launcher has the same effect "bad version",

I have followed this:


This means that you don't have the Beta patch installed or the beta patch that the server requires you have in order to connect.

- Downloading beta patch 103718 here.

- Proceed to use the following here.

But the problem still persist.

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Guest Pandi

Moved to off-topic.

Threads in the Troubleshooting/Question section have to be DayZRP related.

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Back date to 103718

over-ride: Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\@DayZ_Epoch

Add [email protected] to start parameter.

I try to backdate to this beta patch, but it wont download "The version of amrA2 OA (1.63), is more recent than this patch version (1.62). Then the beta patch closes.

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Not sure what the issue is, I can not physically look for the fix but what I stated above helped two friends already with the same issue.

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GOTO your arma2 oa folder/expansions. Delete the beta folder and then run the installer again. If that doesn't work, and you're using the steam version of arms 2 oa, GOTO the arms 2 oa directory and delete arma2oa.exe. Then, go into steam and verify the cache for arma 2 oa. Now try the installer for beta patch and it should now work.

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