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Guest ComradeTWS

Hello! (Soon to be Player)

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Guest ComradeTWS

Hello everybody! I just entered an application and can't wait to start role playing as my character Oliver Drake (ex-forensic investigator/scientist for Chenarus PD) If anyone has any tips or groups that would be fine with accepting a new guy then let me know!

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Hello and welcome to the community, best of luck with your application. Get yourself involved on the forums to pass the time until your application is reviewed. Lots on the forums for your viewing pleasure!

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Guest JMS

Hey man welcome to DayZRP or your DayZ aRe uP.

Get involved and enjoy our wonderful forums.

Also read the rules thoroughly and good luck with your whitelist application.

Make sure to post somewhere outside of intros otherwise your account will be deleted as you need at least 1 post to keep your account active.

PM me if you need any help.


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