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Roleplaying in standalone

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Hello survivors,

Are there more people here who try to roleplay in the standalone version of this game? I tried many times but only a couple of people actually joined the roleplay. That's why I ask ;)


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Guest JMS

Is the standalone RP server still up ?

But anyway towards the end of Standalone RP there was NO whitelist so we couldn't control who played and who didn't. And then even when the whitelist was in the server the admins couldn't enforce rules so people still broke rules.

The mod is the best your gonna get in my opinion for RP at the moment.

Your question was vague so sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for :D

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If you're asking that in the current version of the SA, if many people RP, then yes most do, that're from this community.

Y'see with the current state of the SA's server management especially on a client side, it's impossible to enforce any rules what-so-ever, keep in mind that, even if you do come across another player from this community, they might possibly not Role Play in the same manner as they would in the mod version, it's hard to tell who's who without first talking and identifying, dropping your guard or exposing your location when talking can kill you real quick, especially if the person either is immediately hostile or not from this community.

To keep it short, yes, people to RP on SA, but you won't find the same quality as the RP on the mod version, it's just the way it is at the moment unfortunately. Hope that answered your question.

Also in the future, make sure to put any questions in the question section of the forums, not general discussion. :')

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Well..I try. Doesn't really work though. I get shot almost instantly. "Oh..hey..what's your name?" "YO MOM'S *****!" *Pew pew*


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