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Myles James


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Died today from this... and am actually a little bit annoyed by it. I was always under the impression the cure was Anti-Biotics... I took two and still wasn't cured.

Tried googling threads from DayZRP and everyone I found got a 404notfound message.

Could somebody please explain how this works?

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You need to cure them with wipes, not anti-biotics. If you let the sepsis set in after 15 min (or re-log)it turns into an infection and you'll need anti-biotics to cure it

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Wow... that is pretty weird. Have you tried logging out and back in and taking another box of antibiotics? I have had the same situation happen to me and that's how I fixed my infection. If that doesn't work .... I suspect gram-positive bacterial infections are making an increasing prevalence in South Zagoria .... must be due to the current over dependence of antibiotics.. =(

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When you get sepsis you should get a message in the middle of your screen saying, "you have sepsis you have 15 minutes to cure before blood loss starts.." You then have 15 minutes to use/find some wipes to clean your wound. Wipes can generally be found in apartment building, supermarkets and in hospitals.

You can also craft a "sepsis bandage" which does the same thing as wipes.

To craft it you need...

- a rag

- gauze

- string


- comfrey leaves

Here's some helpful links <3

- http://dayz.wikia.com/wiki/Status_effects

- http://dayz.wikia.com/wiki/Sepsis_bandage

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You are to use wipes if you are to get sepsis.

Antibiotics are used to cure sickness such as a cold, or even if you are get a 'cut' by a zombie.

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I did get the message... so I took some anti-biotics and the message went away and I figured it was cured. 15 minutes later got a another message and took another box. Then subsequently died a very painful death.

I will now always pick up wipes when I see them... Thanks for the fast replies.

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Thanks for the fast replies.

The replies here will always be fast ;) Although next time it could do you well to post this under "Questions" instead of general discussion.

With that said I think this is /thread?

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