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The Survivor, Alone writing his story

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I was 12 when my father went to Afghanistan and fought for our contry, but when I was 14 we had found out my father was killing more then 1 year before my 14 birthday.... We were told he fought bravely and didn't die in pain, But they didn't tell us the true story.

A few months later after hearing about my fathers death, we began to get letters from his friends within the army telling us how he fought and told us he talked about us all the time, then came the new what we were dreading for.... the true story.


The story was told my father and his squadron were lead into a death trap, sent there to take out a high priority target with minor casualties.. but once he got there, there were more then just a few soldiers, there were more then 100 soldiers guarding the target.

The only thing my father and his squadron could do was sit and wait it out before making any moves, so what we were told is the last transmission they got from my father and the squadron was "We are under heavy fire Requesting immediate evac" but due to the heavy fire in the background the central station could not hear a thing and rolled out Apaches to try and find there location, Within 24 hours my father and his squadron were brutally murdered and recorded with video's of them being shot and killed.

My father was a brave man and I vowed to follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy.


It is now four years later and I am officially old enough to join the army, I have been training for this moment since, I was 14 because of my Father and his sacrifice I will do anything to protect my country and my family from anything that might want to hurt them.

I have enlisted to join the "Special Reconnaissance Force" due to my father joining the same company, I will be joining I have made every precaution to become a recon soldier and am willing to fight for my country.

My training had begun, Under close supervision from my team leader and my drill sergeant I soon became ready to become a elite soldier of the "Special Recon Force".

Day 3 of my training.

I have been working hard and it is paying off, my team leader and the drill sergeant are seeing my full potential and are aligning me a task for the week, I am the scout for our group.

The group consist's of

4 Infantry soldier's

1 Corpsman

1 Sniper

1 Spotter and finally

Myself which was the scout.

The reason we are grouped up like this is because we have to do intensive training to see if we are fit for the job and are willing to take the pressure of becoming an elite soldier for the recon force.

1 1/2 Years Into Training.

Its been almost 2 years and we have not finished the training for the force, my father told me he was doing the training for almost 4 years but I guess only the best of the best will pass threw the years and become a true soldier.

The End Of My Training.

The end of my training is finally here and we finally get our first mission, after all the training and the exercises we finally come to the end and get our first mission... Wooohooo I would say, but without all this training, I wouldn't be where I am right now.

The Mission Breifing.

The mission was based in a country called Chernarus, god knows where that is but we were sent there to recover a lost document which had been taken from the united states government (CIA) and taken to a secret location within the Chernarus border, the mission was merely snatch and grab, which ment get in there grab the document and get the hell out, But we all knew inside that, that was not the answer we knew we would be in there longer.

- Out Of Character -

Sorry for grammar,

Will be updating again in a little while, this is where I have gotten to at the moment in the story.

Will be adding art would and such to this aswell,

So keep that in mind :)


Would like feedback,

Not on grammar as I know it needs some reading and editing :D

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