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Guest RestlessSgt

Hello everyone!

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Guest RestlessSgt

I hope to be whitelisted soon! I am sure I will contribute much to this incredible community and I look forward to meeting you all!

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Good luck to you sir.

Feel free to browse through the forums for any assistance and take advantage of our group of Helpers. Don't bother with the mods, they look weird and smell funny...

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Guest JMS

How's it going man? Welcome to DayZRP

I'm sure you will contribute a lot to the community and I look forward to seeing you around forums and in game.

Make sure to read the rules and to post somewhere outside of this so your account doesn't get deleted as you need 1 post and here doesn't count.

If you need anything just send me a PM id be happy to help

See you out there

Inb4 Mentalgunz CTRL C + CTRL V

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