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Bye says Dem_lyxs

Guest Retaliate

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Guest Retaliate

so, i just stopped by.

after beeing in prison for quit some time now and some heavy struggeling with the lawyers, i tried out to play. but i am global banned, prolly for not playing :D

so, yeah, was fun on the server, until i got banned (for my own dumbness). but since there was the cheater-accusion ongoing everywhere i stayed banned. bought new key, played for several hours and ha a lot of fun, esp. with the RF guys (hope to be able to hop into ts to wave there, too, atm not allowed to :D )

well, i hope you guys keep this great server running, maybe we meet again in chernarus+. i hope that i got rid of all this by that time.

good hunt, stay safe

retaliate / Dem_lyxs

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