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Saul J. Leviticus: Chapter 1

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Before reading, this is what happened the first few hours playing and I think it was fun. I am still looking for people to play with but that isn't the reason for this post. This story is what happened when Saul attempts to find a group of people to work with. Hope you enjoy!

After exploring Cherno, Saul heard a faint voice of people talking from on top of a building. They mentioned bringing a gun they found to a trading camp. Saul confronts them asking the location of this trade camp and they explain it is near a place called Pulkovo for a heatpack. After getting some rations for the trip and finding a map, Saul heads West towards Balota. It's night and he quickly learns the advantage of hiding during the night. He decides to visit the Airfield and see if he can find a basic weapon to defend himself.

He finishes looting the Airfield not finding a weapon when suddenly the sound of a car roars from outside. He looks outside the window and dozens of Zombies chase after the vehicle. Zombies quickly spread outside and now, the area is 10x more dangerous then before. Saul crawls outside trying to keep himself as hidden as possible. But suddenly, he finds a crawler also hidden in the grass and his cover is blown. Saul stands up taking a hit from a zombie in the process and runs as fast as he can. He passes right past Balota having a few dozen zombies chase him and heads towards Komarovo in a blind panic.

Saul enters Komarovo with the Zombies chasing nearby. He realizes his thirst and runs around looking for rations as quickly as possible. Luckily, he finds a drink and food quickly and takes the north road quickly still running from the zombies.

Pavlovo nears and Saul has lost some of the zombies but not all of them. Daylight hits during the trip and Saul quickly realizes it's allot more dangerous now when a stray zombie hits Saul causing him to fall and get attacked by the small group of zombies that were chasing him. He stands up and runs not caring for the attack leaving a pool of blood behind. The loss of blood has gotten to Saul, his vision has blurred and never in his life has he ever felt this bad. The fall damaged his head and his body has taken some damage as well. He runs as fast as he can trying to stay conscious and reaches the town of Zelenogorsk.

With the hope somebody is near, Saul yells out sucking up his pride as a man. Luckily, a distant voice can be heard and the blur of a man in the distance can be seen. He runs towards the man as he shoots the zombies down. In the building he ran to, Saul notices a blurry gun on the ground and quickly snatches it as the man asks if he needs any help. "I am low on blood and I am pretty thirsty." The man gives Saul a drink and takes him to his base in the distance. Saul gets his injuries fixed and as time passes, the blurry world disappears. Saul thanks the men who saved him and asks if he can help repay them in some way. But, they refuse and Saul heads back towards Zelenogorsk.

Returning to Zelenogorsk, Saul finds an AK and heads East towards Pulkovo. This time, Saul has weapons and gets a little cocky. He shoots several zombies along the way and by the time he reaches Pulkovo, he is out of ammo and running for his life again. Saul reaches the Trade Post with several zombies and the guards of the post quickly shoot down the zombies to allow Saul entry into the post. After a long day, Saul doesn't care about his job. He just wants a good nap after the long day.

That is it, that is Sauls first Chapter and I can't wait to have more fun. He seems naive to the world so far and is still getting used to guns. How he survived until now is unknown. Thanks for reading! :D

Short Version:

Saul decides the trade camp is a good location to find a group. He travels from Cherno to Pavlovo during the night and not many issues. But when it turns day, Saul gets hit and loses most of his blood to the point where he is half blind. He gets saved by some strangers in Zelenogorsk and they want nothing in return. Saul heads to Pulkovo and finally finds the Trade Camp before falling asleep for the day in a safe area.

What comes next, only fate can tell.

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