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Guest DeadPlaya

A group idea I'm thinking of.

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Guest DeadPlaya

So due to the fact I can't be as active as I want, leading a group is out of the question, but that doesn't mean I don't have any ideas. The group I'm thinking of takes lots of ideas and inspiration from the "Metro" series and the book alike.If any of you are interested in said group, I can give a lot more details and help build up the backstory.



The Order is a group based on the Order from Metro 2033 & Metro Last Light,but it is only based on it, meaning that the story,ranks,etc will be tweaked to fit to the lore and/or take another approach/twist.Even though the group is based in Russia,I have a a plethora of ideas to make it fit to Chernarus and bring some very interesting(in my opinion)dynamics to the DayZRP scene.

The initial goals of the group, which will be backed by others depending on the story are as follows:

1.Establish a ?temporary? base of operations in Chernarus

2.Bring some form of order to Chernarus

3.Establish radio communications from Chernarus to as much of the world as possible

(These are the basic goals, as the backstory is not made yet)


The Order was an organisation founded by the Russian government formed of different Spetsnaz forces,whose quest was to keep peace but also enforce it when needed.The Order was originally formed of three + one groups :

1.The Spartans: The backbone of the Order.Tasked with most dangerous missions along with all assault missions.For one to become a Spartan he must spend extended time as a Cadet.

2.The Rangers: The Rangers are the support army of the Order,tasked with either defending along with the Spartans or reinforcing The Spartans or the Scouts.

3.The Scouts: Elite soldiers that are tasked with providing recon and going undercover.In times of war, the scouts are sent as soldiers of the opposition as they try to incite revolts and mutinies in the ranks of soldiers and civilians alike.

Extra: The Cadets: Anyone wanting to join the Order must go through some basic training, then have an exam of both physical and mental strength. After an extended period of training as a Cadet, a Cadet may choose if the wants to be part of the Spartans or part of the Scouts.Depending on his choice, his training will be changed and he will be welcomed into the ranks of the chosen branch.

Before the outbreak, the Order was stationed in Bunker 4-5-1 , in the structure of the Altai Mountains with a number of members to the 20,000 mark.On the day of the outbreak, the Scouts were sent to Stary Sobor to investigate the infection whilst the Rangers were sent to Novigrad to reinforce the army there.One month later, contact was lost and the teams were declared MIA.At this point, at least 2000 soldiers went missing.The remaining Rangers and Scouts were still garrisoned in the Bunker.

Two weeks later, ten rookie Rangers came towards the bunker with 50 civilians following them.

"-What the fuck are you doing, not following your orders you little shit! yelled Private Khan of the Spartans

-Shut up you asshole.These are civilians, and I promised to protect them,Baklov, rookie Ranger, calmly replied

At this point, at least 40 Spartans,Scouts and Rangers alike grouped up in a circle around them.

Khan's face keeps getting more red as he yells:

-I don't take orders from a fucking Ranger.Your orders were to reinforce Novigrad.What the fuck are you doing here!

-I found these civilians in a camp outside Moscow and I wante-

"Shut up you shit" Khan yells as he takes out his Tokarev TT.

-Calm down, Khan.

-What in the name of fuck is happening here? Commander Korbut emerges from the crowd.

-This piece of shit Ranger disobeyed his orders and brought some fucking civilians!


-What do you mean so? He disobeyed his fucking orders!

Commander Korbut approaches Khan and throws a punch at his stomach.Khan falls to the ground, dropping his pistol. Korbut looks at the surrounding soldiers at says calmly

-Take this shit to Room 14.

Four soldiers promptly pick up Khan and take him out of the lobby.


-Yes,sir! Baklov sallutes the commander

-You've done good.Take thi-

Korbut is suddenly cut by the sounds of distant gunfire and loud, approaching explosions.

All the soldiers are looking towards the explosion as the wind comes through the open bunker door.

-Whoever the fuck is in charge of that door will get his shit handed to him.Close it now!Baklov, take the civilians to one of the shelter rooms.Rest of you, stand ready!

-Yessir! emerges at the same time from the crowd.

All the soldiers do what they are told as Korbut walks towards the communications room.He looks at the men in the room and says.

-Get me in contact with Baranovsky.

They nod as the big screen tunes in,showing the last sightings,infections and hordes of infected.The screen changes showing Minister of Defence Andrey Baranossky's face.

-Ah Korbut!Nice to see y-...

-Cut the shit Andrey-fucking-Baranovsky.What is with this fucking bombing run? This was supposed to happen in two fucking months!

-Sorry Korbut.The President is cutting off the funds for the Order and said we have to do it quicker.The horde from Moscow is coming.I recommend you hurry to get out of there.Now stop bugging me and follow your fucking orders.Chopper's waiting for you at your call.

Korbut's expression changes as he looks down,sighs then looks back at the screen and says sharply and slowly.


The screen is shut off and Korbut grabs his AK as he walks out of the room.He looks at the announcer and tells him:

-Call every single motherfucker that can hold a gun at the lobby.

Korbut walks out of the room and looks at the main Lobby where twenty-one thousand men rallied.

-From this moment on, you do not report to any government officials.The Order is now independent and the only people you report to are members of the Orders.Understood?

-Yes,sir! the soldiers muster.

-Good.The President cut our funds and is leaving us for dead,bombing the shit out of us.I want every man prepared for defense.The Horde is coming.Speech over!

-Yes, sir! the men muster again as they leave for their posts, weapon in hands.


Two months of preparing later,a private Scout is running to Korbut.

-Sir, SIR! The Horde...they're coming.At least a hundred thousand.

Korbut sighs.

-Shit, he whispers.I want every single human fucking being that can aim and shoot an AK to go onto the balcony and wait right fucking there for my orders.

The announcers nod, as they play a message on the loudspeakers scattered around the bunker,stating the Commander's orders.

Korbut takes the elevator to the top floor, walking out on the balcony.As he shelters his eyes from the sun,his vision starts adapting as he sees a gigantic horde headed straight for the mountain.

-Holy fucking shit... he whispers.

-Sir!a private says, what do we do?

-We wait until they're closer,then use all the explosives we have

-But sir, wouldn't that attract more?

-As long as we can keep them away when we are packing our supplies, it doesn't matter.

The private looks shocked.

-We're leaving...the bunker?

-Yes.Too big of a target.Won't be too long until the army comes rolling through.

-Yes, sir! private Glazkov says as he runs to his fellow soldiers and tells them Korbut's orders.

2 hours later, the horde is nearing the bunker doors.

-Sir, are you sure they can destroy the bunker gate?

Korbut turns to the Seargent and says.

-Do you see any tanks,Viktor?

-No, sir.


Viktor nods as the returns to his duty.

-MEN! Korbut yells. Weapons Ready!Grenades Ready!

Silence ensures


Thousand of weapons fire at the same time as claymore's and grenades fall from the walls onto the infected.They fall one by one, flying away from the explosions.


Meanwhile, in the bunker, the metal noises of a door being hit filled the whole bunker, along with the gunfire and explosions.

-Shit,private Pavlov said,how much of this do we have to get?

All Rangers and Scouts were packing supplies.Weapons,food, medicine all they could carry.Some Spartans were sitting around,defending them.

All of a sudden,a tearing noise is heard, and the solid 3 meter thick vault door is open.Spartans ready their weapons and fire at the hundreds of zombies invading the bunker.Gunfire is loud,and rangers as well as scouts drop their supplies and shoot.Some still pack,but most of them are trying to kill them.

Cries for pain fill the room as zombies fall but so do soldiers.The men packing are rushing so much,their hands are a blur.

Upstairs,the men are in full panic.


-Fuck...Rezlov,Agapov,Barinov, get 5 men each and come with me downstairs.

The men salute and bring their men.The commander walks down, AK in hand.He walks into the bunker and frezes on the spot.Soldiers dead,their blood on the walls.Dead civilians scattered around the floor.Korbut readies his gun and kills 5 zombies then yells:


The man hurries upstairs and soon enough the thousands of soldiers hurry down the stairs killing all soldiers in sight.In 10 minutes all the men are out of the bunker,supply pack on back.

-Right.We leave the bunker.All this attention cause shit to go down.We lost great men today bu-...Korbut is cut short as he looks up and sees 4 russian jets headed for them.


They do as they're told and soon enough,the jets fly over.A second of silence which is then crushed by the deafness of multiple explosions,which turns out to be a bomb run.

A bomb hits right in the middle of the men.And Korbut's vision fades to black.Waking up at least 20 minutes later,he looks for the casualties.His eyes almost water at the sight.Thousands,tens of thousands of bodies,burnt,limbless and severly injured scatter across the now crater ground.

-Medics,round up all injured that aren't too fucked and make them walk.Give the rest a quick death.All of you that aren't dead, to me!

About one hundred men rally to Korbut.

-This is it? One fucking hundred? OUT OF 30 THOUSAND? Korbut's face becomes fully red and his eyes look like they could kill somebody on their own.

-From this fucking day on,every single Russian government offical will be taken hostage,tortured,and sent back PIECE BY FUCKING PIECE to Baranovsky PERSONALLY.They killed your,OUR brothers and now they sit back in their fucking castles,protected by brain-washes pieces of shit bodyguards.I,WE, will find Baranovsky and show him why you NEVER can stop the Order.FOR SPARTA!


-Good.The second the medics are up,we start marching for that shithole this thing started and see if we can at least stop it.

The men salute,the injured come behind them,about another 30 or so and the medics rally as well.They start marching for Chernarus.

All 130 of them.

My idea was that the group was split into two main branches:

The Spartans of the Order


The Cadets of the Order

The ranks I am not so sure of as I do not have too much experience with said thing but I would imagine the Order runs on basic military Russian military ranks with some added lore-friendly special ranks.

Anyway,if you are interested in this idea, please PM me and we can sort something out. :D

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Well, I am a big metro fan myself (read the books, including the spin-offs, and played the latest game) this might actually be a decent idea.

As far as I can remember the Spartan order was the group in the Polis, right?

To come to my actual point, I am currently working on a clan idea that is heavily inspired by the whole metro universe. If you are intersted in having a look at it, here is a link to the thread.

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Guest BoobManReub

I'm a big fan of both the Metro games and the book. In the book there is a lot about the cadet training and the whole training part of it would be great for RP. The trading and interactions with ordinary civilians it a big part too, so I think this would work great. The good thing is this wouldn't just be another military clan there would be other interesting points to it aswell

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Guest DeadPlaya

Well, I am a big metro fan myself (read the books, including the spin-offs, and played the latest game) this might actually be a decent idea.

As far as I can remember the Spartan order was the group in the Polis, right?

To come to my actual point, I am currently working on a clan idea that is heavily inspired by the whole metro universe. If you are intersted in having a look at it, here is a link to the thread.

Impressive.Fortunately my ideas are very different as the Original Order was formed of different Spetznaz forces,but things happened and the Order is much, much more different.

I also intend on TRYING to make a settlement that the Order might've built in Chernarus, but I can't say I'm too good at that.

Anyway good luck with your group!

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I love the metro games and definitely would like to see a group like this in DayZRP. I think having a settlement would be pretty cool as well with The Order running it.

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Guest DeadPlaya

It sounds very interesting. PM me if it goes through.

Would be a real shame if nobody picked the idea up :P

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It sounds very interesting. PM me if it goes through.

Would be a real shame if nobody picked the idea up :P

That it would.

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Guest DeadPlaya


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Guest DeadPlaya

Nobody yet? Hm...thought someone would at least take SOME interest

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Nobody yet? Hm...thought someone would at least take SOME interest

There isn't not really a lot to go on if im honest a lot of people havent played metro so they probably have no clue what your talking about (i have played it and i dont know what you're talking about either) and the idea doesn't really have much other than some goals that are pretty generic if you dont mind me saying.

Expand some more and you might get interest

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Very Nice! Love the metro storyline inspiration but I know that you will make it even more unique when implemented into chernarus. Hope a lot more people see this!

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Guest DeadPlaya

Bump due to massive edit.

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Guest DeadPlaya

Quick bump

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This is cool, a little different, but still cool.


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