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CTC job

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How would i get a part time job as a CTC soldier? i want to be posted at or patrolling around the trading post and help the CTC. Do i role play into through the game, or do i go to somebody on the forums? My whitelist application was accepted yesterday.

Thanks for your help


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Guest JMS

Unfortunately they are no longer offering CTC citizenship a and opportunities to become guards. It is now reserved for staff and people who got citizenship a when they first because available.

However you can always just help man the gate. You don't have to be CTC to help them out :)

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I am a CTC Citizen but only staff can become a CTC Guard. I also think that the citizenship is closed but I am not 100% sure.

Edit: James is too fast ;)

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Only Staff Members are CTC Guards. You can become a citizen, ask Tomeran for more details.

CTC recruitment is currently closed, as seen in this post. So you'll have to wait to become a citizen. You can always help in other ways though.

Marking as solved, as that is the definite answer.

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