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Guest Icy

//Was originally a part of the group's clanthread, moved here as it wasn't really needed on the thread

Nick is under a tree, using the darkness of the night to his advantage, and watches as a total of 6 people salvage the ruins of the Nest. He watches through his scope, and tries to find the right zeroing. He checks his magazine, and starts squeezing the trigger. 1 of the guys drops dead by a bullet to the side of his skull. But Nick never fired. One, two more drop dead, and the rest 3 run and hide behind the rumble. The shots cannot be heard, it's something silenced. Nick tries to spot some muzzle flash, the smoke of the shots, something to show him the location of the shooter, but he can't, he's too clever.

An explosion goes off in the ruins, and the screams of the people getting hit by it and its shrapnels can be heard, as the night becomes silent again.

Nick stood still for about 20 minutes, before anything happened. The sun starts to rise, he has to leave and find a safe place to camp and get some sleep. But now he spots a dark figure moving from the trees to the corpses. He aims at his head, and the man turns around. Under the moonlight, Nick recognizes him as one of his old partners, Franz. He swears and puts his gun's safety on, as he moves through the trees down to the ruins.

He walks up behind Franz, and puts a piece of rope around his neck and whispers Are you a poustis?". "No I'm not, but you". Franz elbows Nick in the stomach "are not too good at keeping your enemy down".

Both men laugh, and shake hands. They spend the rest of the night looting the corpses and sharing their stories about the time they were apart. While searching, they found a bunch of red roses being grown between the rumble. They both felt like that was a sign, that something beautifull can grow through death and pain. They picked them up.

They agree on grouping up, and they start venturing towards Stary

2 months later

Nick and Franz have been hearing weird beeping sounds on their radios for a while. They had them tuned in their backup frequency, just in case any RSM member was still out there. After Franz insisted, they were both in a small book store in Cherno. They were looking for anything they had on Morse codes, as they wanted to believe that someone is actually trying to communicate with them.

He had wrote it down on a dirty piece of paper:

" -. . --- ..-. ... - .- .-. -.-- -- .. -.. -. .. --. .... - . ...- . .-. -.-- -.. .- -.-- "

Nick thought it was a complete waste of time. With CTC's Post, the Radio Station, and the drones flying all around, he knew it was just something interfering with their frequency.

But Franz was right. They found a book, and roughly translated the message as:


And so they traveled back to Stary, and waited on the hill. They witnessed 2 survivors shooting each other over a box of painkillers that was later looted by a guy that got trapped in a tent and got eaten. They spent the day shooting the zombies, and then the box of painkillers.

The night came, and both men hid in different bushes and waited. There it was. A fire trembling in the trees. They aproached it, and it was abandoned. Then they got attacked. 2 men from the trees jumped them, hit the on the heads with a wood log and an AK buttstock. Both men dropped on the ground, disarmed and disorientated. Nick got kicked in the stomach and he saw one of the men. "Issac, he yelled, is that you?"

Issac helped Nick up, and said to the other person to help Franz.

"But he has silenced rounds! she said. We're running low". She cussed and helped Franz up. The 4 of them moved to the camp fire, and talked. Issac explained how he met the girl, and that they teamed up and survived by ambushing people like that. They also had the last known beer in Chernarus, 7 cans that they saved for special ocassions. They drank them all that night.

The morning was near, and all 4 people decided to move. As they were packing their stuff, shots landed next to them. They were getting shot from multiple directions, they had no chance to shoot back so they started running. They were running through trees, with bullets landing everywhere. The shots could still be heard in the distance, and some bullets still found their way close to them. About 30 minutes of running later, they rushed into a barn, closed the doors, and tried to catch their breath. The 3 men checked themselves for wounds, before they realized the woman was not with them. She ran the opossite direction, and they wished she made it out. They thought the best place to look would be CTC's camp, the Trading Post, so they started moving.

On their way to the Trade Post, they spotted a campfire up in Zub castle. They moved in silently, just to see two men sleeping in a GAZ. Issac stayed down, aiming at them while Nick and Franz moved in the castle itself.

The whole castle was empty, but when they were about to reach the top, they heard voices. 3 men talking, 1 was eating. They run up the stairs yelling "DROP ANY WEAPON YOU GOT, OR YOU'LL BE SHOT". 1 man charged them with a knife, and Nick hit him with the side of his gun, causing him to hit the side wall, lose his balance and fall off the castle. He landed on the car, bending the roof, and causing the 2 sleeping men to wake up. Issac sprayed the windows, making sure they'll not be a problem. Nick and Franz were about to shoot the other 2 guys when one of them took his mask of and said "Guys?"

It was Jonathan Ross, another old member of the Corporation, another old friend. He was with Wade Wilson, whom was passed out as he had been shot some days ago.

As the men sat around the fire, Franz spotted a figure in the trees. He poked Nick with his elbow, and then pointed his gun at the man, while Nick was standing up to do the same. Jonathan took a peak over the wall and then pushed both men's gun towards the ground. "It's Vadim", he said,"relax". And he was right. The man came up on the castle, wondering what the fuck happened, as he heard the shots etc, and then he realized what was going on. The main force of the Corporation was there, in front of his eyes, standing together as one once more. He greeted his old friends, and then explained to them what happened all the time they were apart

Then, Nick and Franz shared some supplies with them, gave them some medical help and explained their plan with the new group.

These men knew, that their best chance at surviving through the apocalypse, is to stay together. They all had enemies that were hunting them down, and with the infected being stronger than ever, the chances of them surviving individually were too low.

Now, they are all together, and under no command. They are not working for anyone anymore, they are in charge, and they are planning on staying alive

The group spent the night on the castle, sharing stories, and burning their old RSM patches. They were different people now, they were changed.

The next day they moved towards the Post to trade supplies and search for their lost friend

--1 month later--

Nick and Issac are hiding in some bushes next to Stary, waiting for the BHM vehicles to lose them. They knew Franz was evading them on his bike, and that Vadim was with some guy he met. Suddenly, radio message comes in

"Guys, it's Vadim, me and Kim are at Prud, 3 Volki here, we need help as they act suspiciously"

--radio cuts out--

"They.... to drop ... guns .... help..."

--radio goes completely silent--

Issac tries to make sure Franz got the message, but he is not replying. The 2 men move on their own, towards the lake. They knew that 3 men are holding up their friend by the lake. On their way there, Issac spots an odd group running away from the lake. With a quick look through his scope, he confirmes that it's 3 Volki members holding up Vadim and 2 other men. Nick and Issac set in the trees, and open up fire. 1 man dies in 2 shots, another runs away, just to bleed out seconds later. The last guy, pinned behind a tree, supreses Nick, which start changing position when he takes fire from the back. Issac shoot the guy behind the tree, just to get shot by the guy behind him. Both him and Nick, jump behind trees, when a bullet ends their last enemy' life. They look towards the group, just to see Kim holding an enemies M14, smoke still coming out the barrel.

Nick and Issac run to the NW to make sure no more Volki will appear, while Vadim Kim and Franz split with the other survivore that was saved, the leader of the Doragonzu.

The group meets at NWAF, and after a brief time, Kim announces that he wants to be a part of the group. Issac, Nick and Franz aggree that he'll be a great addition, and welcome him. They spent the rest of the night chatting and explaining some of their plans to Kim

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Good read, and a decent backstory leading up to current events, I approve!

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This story is fantastic. I've read it more than once simply out of enjoyment :P

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10/10 would like to read more about Franz's epic adventures and the pure wreckage he brings to his enemies.

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Guest Icy

10/10 would like to read more about Franz's epic adventures and the pure wreckage he brings to his enemies in the 10 seconds he manages to stay online before getting kicked and blowing up our cars like a nublord

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Very nice. Good to read. I am interested in more.

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