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Guest Evan Eisenfaust

My Story

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Guest Evan Eisenfaust

My name is Evan, but most people call me Ev. I do not remember my last name but all I know is that my name is Evan. I was born in Ohio and my dad was a military veteran and my mom was a nurse. I joined the United States Marine Corps at age 18 and the year of 2009, at the time of the Chernarussian crisis with the Chedaki and the CDF with the U.S. right in the middle of the conflict. I was stationed in Takistan once I enlisted. I took marksman, survival/medical, and stealth training courses. I was in a four man squad that mainly specialized in intelligence gathering, assassinations, and covering and supporting our troops while they were on the battlefield. We made a good team with not too many flaws. In fall of 2011, I got shot in my knee while we were compromised during a late night raid of a small Takistani outpost. I recovered miraculously with no surgery needed because the bullet went straight through my leg. After that, I was mainly patrolling the airfield and helping with day to day things that had to be done. In summer of 2012, our division heard of a small outbreak of an unknown virus that struck the country side of a peaceful country of Chernarus. We did not know much of how this all happened but the news said that the CDF had it under control. By winter of 2012, we had lost contact with the CDF, so we all figured that Chernarus had been lost to these creatures that feast on the living. In March of 2013, we had a report come in to one of the Takistani locals about a small population of undead that crossed and destroyed a small outpost on the border of Takistan. The commanding officer sent out a eight man search team to clear the area, but after only 12 hours after they departed, we had sadly lost contact with them. In fall of 2013, Takistan was gone and a large number of our troops have been lost and a high casualty rate has increased for both military and civilians that were still left on the island. In winter of 2014, my friend and fellow comrade named Michael, managed to make contact with our fire team leader. He told us to see if there were any survivors or military personnel on Chernarus. We decided to go and see because Takistan was left in ruins. Our fire team leader gave us both radios, and supplies to at least make us to Chernarus. He also lended us his Jeep, so we decided to head out of Takistan. As we were headed through small towns and large cities such as Kirovograd and Miroslavl', to get to South Zagoria, we met up with a few groups that knew a way out of this thing. We did not trust them though, so we left them. In May of 2014, we managed to get outside of the border of Chernarus, we ran out of our fuel supply but luckily, we were near a CDF checkpoint that was about 1 kilometer away. Michael found a working Mi-17, so we decided to take it to Chernarus since Michael took pilot and air mechanic training in Takistan. When we were over Chernarus, our helicopter's hydraulics ran out and then we crashed in the middle of the country. We both managed to make it out alive, but then I fell and went into a five day coma. I saw Michael run away before I blacked out, but then I woke up in an area called Kumyrna, and that is my story...

This is my character's story of how I ended up to Chernarus and what I did in the pre-outbreak stage. I would like to see your stories of how you ended up in Chernarus! Thank you! Evan Eisenfaust.

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