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Guest Althalus

The Beginning of Kit Haywood

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Guest Althalus   
Guest Althalus

//OOC this is a character for me to play when I want a bit of a role change.

The name's Kit Haywood, I never much liked people, I guess that's a good thing and a bad thing. The good news first, not many people anymore.

Then of course, the bad news, THEY ALL WANT TO EAT ME. These things, presumably zombies, by way of how they walk, grumble and chase after me would lead me to the suggestion of zombies. I was a civilian, a factory worker. My homeland is the United States. My boss sent me to teach the Chernorussian workers how to operate the machines, when I was done teaching them I'd have a nice vacation in the international hotel, and the best part it was paid. I was happy, at least until I was abruptly awoken by a zombie attempting to gnaw at me face. Its foul breath coming down on me made my stomach churn. I freaked out and knocked the zombie off of me, taking the bedside stand and smashing his head into the floor.

The satisfactory sound of his skull cracking and blood gushing out oddly made me feel happy. I glared at the body and soon began to feel sick. I kept in last nights dinner by a miracle, I was sure I'd lose it. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding and peered out my window, total chaos in the streets below me. I walked slowly towards the open door. Good thing I brought a gun with me.

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