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The Dukes Diary: Chernarus - Day 10

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Day 10- Worked my way back to Chernogorsk. I got a message that these guys called Task Force Whiskey would pick me up and we would go North together. They kept talking about this place called the "TP." Being so new to the region and having no contact with anyone before I had no idea where it is or what it's purpose is. All I know is, it's pretty far out of the way.

Day 11- Lost the TFW guys. I started walking in the direction I thought the TP was and somehow ended up at the East Airfield. After getting a motorcycle I started working my way back west. The bike's tires were broken so I had to salvage some to fix it up. On the road toward Elektro I was flagged down by a guy who claimed to be a reverend, or something. He asked me to take him to the Trade Post, so I let him hop on the back of the bike and we drove off. We made it to Pavlovo, and he asked to me stop so he could look into the church. The second we stop the dead rise up around us and attack. The reverend ran into the church while I tried to pull away on the bike and failed, so I ditched it and ran into the trees followed by the screams of my new acquaintance.

Day 12- I must have passed out because it's already night again.

Day 13- I sent out a call on the radio again, and TFW said they would come get me as soon as they can. Those guys keep bailing me out, asking for nothing of me in return. What is wrong with them? I might just have to see if these guys will let me work with them.

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