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How can i join the CTC, if possible? i kind of want to guard the trading post. It seems kinda fun, meeting new players and such.

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Guest whitepointer

You can always apply and send in an app, but I'm sure they're very selective. Read the CTC clan thread.

However, from what Iv heard, you may only apply for a citizen role. As in, you would not gain the same CR rights as the 'normal' guards (kicking people out, ect...)Yeah true, so when's he goin to post it in the group?

You'd have to become staff for that. Or be -very- trusted by the staff.

I might be wrong, don't take my word for it.

Also, the correct section of the forum for this would be the Questions section. :D

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You can always apply for a "part-time" CTC job. But your role will be restricted since only staff members have full CR rights !

Also, moving to questions.

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recruitment for CTC is closed atm because Tomeran was flooded with apps when they opened it, unless something recently has changed. Non-staff aren't allowed to guard the TP really except for special circumstances. Your best bet would probably be to join a normal clan instead.

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Marking as solved.

Solution: What StarWars said was correct. It's currently closed. It may open soon but Tomeran has a huge workload right now, and CTC applications will be last on the list.

Non-staff CTC cannot legally guard the Trade Post without Staff permission either.

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