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To their own accord / part 2

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I will try to update this as often as I can/ Whenever I have come up with some content.

A red light flashed on a small control panel, accompanied by a loud buzzing sound, the reincforced doors slide open with hiss and bald, heavy built man stumbled into the small blank room contain only a mirror and two cctv cameras mounted in opposite corners of the cell. Two guards in full body armour marched in behind him and proceeded to inject the man with a rather large hypodermic needle filled with a clear liquid. The man didnt flinch, he just stood there, as if he didnt notice it or just didnt care. One of guards reached up to the radio on his chest rig and a thick russian accent emitted through the speakers "Test subject number 7 serial code 4пя is ready for examination and minor reflex testing".

Joseph sighed deeply as he lent back and rotated slowly on his work chair, he swung round to meet the milky gaze of the subject who stared blankly at the one-way mirror as large amounts of saliva started to pour down his chin and splashed onto his bare feet, Joseph tapped on various points on the one-way mirror with a small rubber hammer to see if the subject respond, it didnt. " Return 4пя back to Dr Zims office" he sighed once again and pressed a small red button on his desk, emitting the same loud droning sound from before " Next subject".

"This is Dr. Anton Zimnyakov's log access number 2иу-34-6ю."

The Doctor paused for a moment and wondered how much longer he would be doing this for.

"Today we started the transfusion process. Subject is still out cold and alive, although pigment of the skin is beginning to fade the same with is happening with the eye." He utters into the cassette-recorder while turn the page of his note book.

"Subject seems to be functioning normally. Internal Temperature 37 degrees Celsius, heart rate 75 B-P-M, liver and kidney function is good." Anton closes the note book and takes a sip from his coffee.

"Transfusion should be complete by Thirteen hour hours tomorrow, by then the drugs should have worn off and the subject should be fully aware. End of log" Clicking the recorder off Anton sighs. He stands up leaving the desk at which he sat to see a man stood at the door.

"he's awake" The figure announces.

"This early?" Anton questions in disbelief "Lets get this out of the way then, please after you Joseph"

The pair of them eagerly rushed down the set of stairs to the basement level, they arrived at locked door, bordered with black and yellow hazard stripes. A security officer stood by it, Joseph fumbled in his pocket and pulled out his ID card, " Halt, I need to see that" he gestured towards the card, "Why?" Joseph asked with raised eyebrows, "New security precautions", "Why the hell have they put those in" Anton shouted, "I'm not at liberty to say sir", "Excuse me, do you know who I am!" He raised his voice even higher, the guard rested his hand on the holster of his sidearm. Joseph shoved him out the way before he could lash out any more, "Woah woah... Look, sorry about him he's a little on edge, here you go" He handed the guard his ID card whilst gesturing for Anton's. He stared back angrily "Just give him the god damn card ".

They stood by a large steel block, which doubled up as a bed for the test subjects, 4 metal shackles lined the edge to contain the victim that was currently growling, eyes fixated switching between the two of them with the odd snarl every now and then. " You know, Dr Dova, this is a unbelievably major crime we are currently in the process of acting out right now...basic human rights and all..."Joseph grunted "At least we've given IT a place to sleep" He said as patted him on the shoulder "Oh and Anton, its ready, send it off"

Suddenly Cracks of gunfire ring through the bunker complex "Shit! Their here!" Anton Shouts in Russian.

Joseph points to the vial "we need to leave! NOW!" Anton grabs the veil off the tabletop and puts it in his jacket pocket. The pair run to the concrete stairs and begin their ascension, when they reach the hallway smoke has begun to fill the air as documents burn in offices. More gunfire echoes around them followed by cries.

"where do we go now? They are at the entrance for sure!" Anton states while frantically looking at Joseph for an answer, as he waited two armed men came down the entrance stairs.

"you two! don't move!" one of them barked, Anton and Joseph started to run in the opposite direction then dived into a doorway. Rounds briefly start to hit the walls around then sending dust and chunks of concrete at the pair.

"this isn't good Dova" Anton remarked

"you don't need to tell me that! now help me get this door open" Dr.Dova asked. Joseph and Anton both push desperately to try and get the door open to no avail. "its a pull door you idiot!" Anton pointed and tugging the door open slightly using the door handle. Just as they enter the armed men appear in the door's window, Dr.Dova slams the door shut making sure he locks it.

"OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!" the armed men yelled "Fuck you!" Anton says throwing his middle finger up at the men, the men aim their weapons at the door. Dova pulls Anton out of the way just before a hail of bullets exit through the door. Failing to open the door one of then armed men begin kicking at it.

'Thud!, Thud!, Thud!'

Anton and Dova begin frantically looking for a way out of the small lab room.

'Thud!, Thud!, CRASH!

The door bursts away from its hinges and smashing the glass as it hits the floor. The armed men Rush into the room weapons at the ready "shit! they are gone!" one of them states "damn it!" the other shouts, in a rage knocking an assortment of glassware in the floor.

(additional credits go to

baracuda445 for help and getting the ball rollin')

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Part 2

Dr.Dova and Dr. Zimnyakov emerge from the vent covered in dust and grim, they stand their in astonishment, wondering how they are still alive. Looking around they see smoke rising from where the labs surface is. "what's happening?" Dr.Dova asks, "I'm afraid I don't know" Anton replies "the best we can do right now is to get away from here."

"but what about the vial? we need to get it somewhere, somewhere it can be useful"

"I do agree, though I have my doubts about its capabilities. ."

Anton stops, noticing a helicopter flying low above the forest, they both quickly duck behind a rock in an attempt to not be spotted. "I think we are clear" Joseph says as the helicopter flies on by. "seriously we can't stay here!" Joseph utters. Joseph Begins to walk away from the lab, Anton jogs on up after him.


Some hours pass and the Doctors come to an opening, the sun is just about to set. Anton begins to gather wood for a fire "how are you going to light it?" Joseph questions, Anton reaches into his pocket to reveal a lighter engraved with the Kamaz logo. "why do you have that with you? you know we weren't allowed to smoke while at work" Joseph states "well that doesn't really matter anymore does it" Anton declares while lighting the dried moss. The moon is at its highest point, Joseph has fallen asleep and Anton stares blankly into the night sky.


Anton turns suddenly to be faced with the barrel of a rifle "Fuck" He says under his breath, "hands on your head! NOW!" the rifles owner instructs him, another man emerges from behind a small bush also armed.

"Please! Who are you people?" Anton asks sheepishly

"Ha! Look at this guy, what are you? some kind of doctor?" the first man jokes

Anton glares at him "Oh now he doesn't want to talk" the second man announces "now lets see what you have. ." pulling Anton to his feet, the man starts to search Anton. Dr. Zim realizes that Joseph doesn't seem to be here anymore "what are you doing Joseph?" Anton asks himself.

Suddenly Dr. Dova crashes through the tree line armed with a rock, the first man turns to have his face filled with stone knocking him to the ground. The second man is stunned by the act, Anton punches him in the throat causing the man to stumble backwards clenching his neck. Joseph raises the rock above his head to deliver the final blow "No! don't! Anton yells "Leave him, grab something and lets go" Joseph drops the rock and grabs one of their backpacks.

Anton tries not to think about what Dr.Joseph had just done, in short he has killed a man but also saves their lives, Joseph looks briefly at him. His eyes distant and dulled, Joseph is puzzled as to what Anton is thinking about.

The sun is creeping over the horizon Joseph wakes to see Anton perched on a large boulder over looking the valley. A piercing pain rushes up Joseph's arm he grabs his arm holding it close to his chest, His wrist feels tender and bruised. Anton looks his way "you alright?" he says with concern "yeah, I should be fine" Joseph replies.

"anyway where should we go now? I mean what about the other Facilities?"

"too risky, we don't even know what is happening" Dr.Dova racks his brain for an answer. "who is doing this?"

"Maybe we shouldn't have ran away" Anton suggests

"What!? and be killed like the others?" Joseph argues "we just need to get in contact with some one else on the team"

"If they survived" implies Anton

"what if they weren't there? Alexei had the day off!"

"That’s good! good!" Anton pauses "but. .where does he live. . "

"I don't know. . we could try going back to the lab to find his records"

"I guess it’s the only choice we have" Anton stands up and slings the backpack over his shoulder "we better get a move on then".


When they near the Lab it was almost dark again, a horrible stench fills their nostrils, burning flesh. Anton bent over near a tree as if he was going to be sick "monsters!" he spat then wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "there it is" Joseph pointed with his armed stretched out, They moved closer to the edge of the tree line. Two double man patrols, one on the outside of the facility and one near the entrance.

"How are we meant to get in?" Anton enquires

Joseph taps his finger on his chin "we'll use one of the side doors on the dome"

"okay let's do it"

After waiting a minute for the patrol to have their backs to them Anton and Joseph move quickly to cover, Anton check to see if you coast is clear and give Joseph the go to move to the dome. Joseph keeps low and gets to the dome unseen, Anton follows shorty after him, Having reached the side door Anton presses the button to open it. . .nothing, he tries again, still nothing.

"help me slide it open" Joseph asks Anton, they grab a door each and begin to heave. At least a minute passes and the door still hasn't budged "I'll see if I have anything in this bag" Joseph whispers while reaching into the bag and having a rummage, He pulled out a multi-tool similar to a Swiss army knife, Joseph proceeds to extend the long blade and inserts it in between the two doors "you pull and I'll give it some leverage" Joseph instructs Anton, with three yanks the door slides open with a jolt, they are in.

The inside of the dome is almost unrecognisable to the doctors, blood and bullet holes disrupt the smooth white panels that make the structure. "Should we take the stairs or the elevator?" Anton stupidly asks, Joseph rolls his eyes and makes his way to the stairs. Ten flights of stairs later they reach the main hall which mirrors the dome above in terms of chaos, pasty red concrete dust, office papers scattered around almost every room and broken glass. "where would personal records be kept?" Anton asks even though he has been working for the company for longer, that kind of thing was never in his pay roll. "East wing, near the canteen" Joseph replies with horror on his as he spots a severed hand on the floor.

Reaching the east wing wasn't hard, though the doctors were on edge as they don't know if anyone is still down here. The corridor runs along the canteen, the canteen is flanked by a single piece of glass, Anton and Joseph keep low just in case anyone happens to wonder by. Anton points to a single metal door with a 'authorised personnel only' sign "is that it?" he asks keen to get out of there, "yeah, I think so" Joseph says. they stand either side of the door with their backs to the wall, Luckily the door handle and lock has been blown off, Anton Pushes the door carefully and leans inside "looks clear though it’s a mess" he utters, Joseph steps inside baffled as where to start looking. "maybe the cabinet labelled 'personnel' would be a good place" Anton suggests while pulling the doors of the cabinet apart, Revealing two large rails of files. Joseph and Anton grab a handful and begin their search for 'Alexei Yenotov'.

Minutes of throwing files on the floor pass, Anton has almost given up barely glancing at the names on the documents. "Yes! this is it! I found it!" Joseph announces almost to loudly "I think we have been here long enough", Anton drops the file he had in his hand and make his way to the door with Dr. Dova. Before they reach can reach it the door slowly swings open, A large figure occupies the doorway, arm stretched out holding handgun "you two are coming with us" he orders.

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