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Dr. Geoffrey Zedler, also known as The Mad Doctor.

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Sweat beaded down his forehead as he went about his work. The room was dimly lit by the lamp and his shadow danced on the wall behind him as the table holding the lamped rocked back and forth. Muffled sounds filled the room; his patient had woken up again and was struggling to be free. Dr. Geoffrey Zedler leaned in and whispered into the man’s ear:

“Don’t worry little one, soon you’ll be free….”

Zedler had been at the tradepost when he overheard this man speak about how he wanted to live as long as he can. Well Zelder is a kind fellow so he made sure to help the man with his goal. He grabbed a cup of beer and spiced it with his special drug and gave it to him. When the man fell unconscious he put him into the passenger seat of his car and told the guards his friend was just asleep. So gullible. Two hours later and they were now in some cabin off a dirt road up north. Geoffrey did not want the man escaping so he tied him down to the table and made sure to duct tape him to muffle his screams. He then grabbed his tools he brought along with him from America and went to work. Maybe if he could remove the heart and replace it with the heart of some larger animal it could make the man’s life even longer because there would be more blood flow. He then made an incision In the man’s chest and went to work.

The effort was not very successful. The man’s muffled screams annoyed Zedler and disrupted his work. That MUST have been the reason it did not work. Geoffrey sighed and arranged his tools within his bag. Well there are a lot of people in Chernarus, maybe he would have better luck with someone else.

The doctor known as Zedler then softly closes the door behind him but before he does he whispers; “Now you are free little one”.

////OOC this character is not related to The Outcasts, its just an alt i am looking into messing around with.

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The wind howled outside as Dr. Zedler went about his work. He put down one of his tools that was now caked with blood and pulled off a glove. With the back of his hand he then wiped away the sweat forming on his brow. This was very difficult work indeed. He was a doctor not a dentist, and he had never tried to remove all of someone’s teeth before. The removing of the man’s hands had been easy, Zedler always made sure that his bonesaw was sharp.

Two hours earlier Geoffrey had been wandering Elektro gathering supplies. He entered the hospital to see a man huddled in the corner bleeding from a gunshot wound to his lower abdomen. The man begged for help as Zedler walked over to him. The man didn’t even notice the needle in his hand. With one injection the man was unconscious. Dr. Zedler than dragged him into one of the back rooms and removed the bullet. He didn’t want a patient to be dying from a gunshot wound during one of his experiments after all.

The injection wasn’t as strong as Geoffrey had anticipated. The man awoke within a couple hours and started screaming. Why must they always scream? Zedler quieted the man and whispered to him, “Don’t worry little one, soon you’ll never harm anyone.” Geoffrey then slid the needle into the man’s arm once again but made sure to increase the dosage. The plan was to remove the man’s teeth and his hands. Without either of them he would not be able to infect others as an undead. Zedler could then study him without worrying about being bit. Then someday he would be able to train them, he would have his own army.

The experiment was a success! He had removed the teeth and hands and the man had died during the process. When he awoke he was unable to bite or scratch. When Zedler untied him though the hideous thing took off into the city, what a shame. Well there was always next time, maybe he could find another patient at the Trade Post.

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Guest Althalus

Sounds good!

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Zedler sits out on the balcony of a building in Cherno. He stares off into the sky thinking about his day while the room behind him is filled with the muffled screams of the man he just met at the supermarket. Zedler walks into the room and sedates the man then walks back to the balcony.

Fools, all of them are fools. The people at the tradepost believed him to be just an old, nice doctor. They didn’t know the type of things he’s done. They didn’t even realize that the blood-bags he gave them were poisoned and the meat he fed them wasn’t really animal. Zedler hoped though that as they lay their dying that they will realize that he did it for discovery, for science. There was this one man at tradepost that caused too much annoyance for Zedler. His name was John Carter and he told people how Zedler was a crazy doctor who killed people. He would deal with him in time though; next they meet John might be short a tongue.

Zedler looks back at his new patient in the room behind him.

His new patient was some man he met in the supermarket. He greeted Geoffrey with a lot of hospitality so he played the nice old doctor and they sat there and talked for about an hour about their lives. It wasn’t until too late that the man noticed the syringe in Zedler’s hand. Geoffrey stabbed him in the forearm and the man stumbled and eventually collapsed on the floor. His new experiment was to see if there was any humanity really left in the undead. He also wanted to learn though if the heart of an undead would keep beating after death. First he would inject the man with toxins to kill him and re-animate him. He would then open the chest cavity to have a full view of the heart. There was so much to learn from this.

Zedler grabs his syringe from a drawer and turns back to the man who is now awake. As Zedler walks over to him the man struggles to get free and screams. The last thing his sees before the injection is the sinister smile on Zedler’s face,

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Dr. Zedler takes out a bottle of wine covered in dust and places it on his table. He then takes two glasses out of the cupboard and fills them very meticulously. He puts the bottle back in the bag and grabs both glasses. Zedler then slowly walks over to the back room where an man is strapped to a chair, barely alive and his mouth sewn shut.

“Hello again friend, I’ve brought you some wine”

The man struggles to get to the wine, he is obviously dehydrated. Zedler watches him struggle and a smirk forms upon his lips.

“What’s that? You don’t want any? Fine, more for me.”

Geoffery takes the glass and pours it onto the ground while the man stares in horror.

“Oopsie, looks like I made a mess, no matter, I won’t be here long.”

“Since we have some time to kill I think I might let you know how my day went, do you object?”

The cords that seal the man’s mouth stretch but he is still unable to talk.

“Okey dokey, well today I was at the Trade Post when I met with John, You remember him don’t you, He kept going on about how I was a bad doctor who experimented on people and I of course played the nice old man only this time the people didn't believe me as much. They wanted to have me followed, the nerve of some people. So I tell them how John is hallucinating and finally they just tell John to stop harassing me. There was also this one man who asked me for water. I gave him one of my special canteens that were poisoned but he boiled it which neutralized it. What a waste. Oh I’m sorry did you have something to say?”

The man struggles to get free but finally stops. Dr. Zedler takes a small sip of his wine while watching the man.

“I thought not. Well like I was saying the poison didn’t work. I then followed John to this tower where they knocked me out. They carried me into the forest and when I awoke I yelled certain obscenities and might have yelled that I was going to gut them. They made me confess to my crimes on tape, which I destroyed when John passed out from his “drink”. Well that’s all for now, they will most likely be here soon and I don’t want any witnesses. Do you have any objection to me killing you?”

The man shakes violently In his chair and his muffled screams fill the room.

“I thought not.”

Zedler pulls out a scalpel and slices the man’s throat while he struggles to get free. He then stands back up and gathers his things and leaves.

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The darkness of the night envelopes the small town in the northern part of chenarus. The Doctor known as Zedler walks through the town, only carrying his medical tools and a small pistol. The house ahead of him radiates a small glow from the candles lit inside by the people taking shelter there. Within the broken house a man is sitting on the couch while a woman paces back and forth in the living room.

“What are we supposed to do about food Daniel?” she asks him in an angry tone.

The man on the couch looks up at her from his book and says, “We’ll find some in the morning.”

Before she can reply there is a soft tap at the door. They both arm themselves with their meager pistols. The woman slowly opens the door to see an older gentleman with a briefcase in his right hand. His name is Dr. Geoffrey Zedler.

“Do you two have any room for a poor old man such as myself?” he asks them politely.

They both look at each other, the man first to respond.

“Sure, you can go take a seat on the couch over there Mr…..?”

He looks up at the man and says, “My name is Zedler.”

Before the woman has time to react Zedler stabs her in the chest with a syringe. She manages to pull her pistol out, only to collapse on the floor. The man stands there astounded, he then snaps back into reality and reaches for his gun that he put on the coffee table. Before he can raise it Zedler stabs him through his neck with a scalpel. As Zedler rips the scalpel through the man’s neck like a knife through butter, he looks into the man’s eyes and watches his life fade away.

Several Hours Later……

The small house is unchanged, the only things missing are the dead man’s body and the guns they both had. Zedler was not very fond of using guns, why kill form afar when killing up close was more personal? Zedler picks up one of their backpacks and takes a can of pasta out of it. He then walks into the bedroom of the house where the woman lay on the bed, restrained. He could not have her up and about, not after he had just killed her friend.

The experiment he had planned was a simple one. He was going to attempt a lobotomy on her and see if when turned, she will be passive. As he edged his bonesaw near her forehead he hesitated. She reminded him of someone who he knew a long time ago. His wife Anna. They had been lab partners until an accident in the lab which left him with mental issues and her dead. He put the bonesaw down and cursed himself for a coward. He could not kill someone that looked like his lost wife. As he started to pack his tools up to leave a loud crack echoed through the house, the door had just been kicked down.

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So many stories, such little time!

Great work, I would love to see more!

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So many stories, such little time!

Great work, I would love to see more!

Thank you! I've been away for awhile so im excited to pump out some more stories!

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So many stories, such little time!

Great work, I would love to see more!

Thank you! I've been away for awhile so im excited to pump out some more stories!

Just one question, do you play as this doctor or do you just write about him?

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So many stories, such little time!

Great work, I would love to see more!

Thank you! I've been away for awhile so im excited to pump out some more stories!

Just one question, do you play as this doctor or do you just write about him?

I have played as him before, right now i'm currently unable to play so im just writing about him.

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The old wooden door comes unhinged and falls to the floor of the small house. Three men all wearing the same uniform enter, all armed with military assault rifles. One by one they clear the rooms in search of their target, Dr. Geoffery Zedler.Finally they arrive at the last room, the only occupant is a deceased man and an unconscious female on the bed. In the darkness outside the window Zedler watches through the window, smiling. He then picks up his bag and leaves the soldiers and the woman.

One Week Later…

The only sound heard in the dead of night is the muffled screams from the hospital in Cherno.If someone was to try and investigate they would find the door barred and completely unopenable. Geoffery already had someone enter during one of his experiments, he had learned from that. Within the one of the rooms stands a lone operating table in the very center, the only light source is five candles surrounding it. On the table is a young man tied down, his mouth covered with duct tape. The patient’s gaze turns toward a door that is out of sight. He suddenly became more terrified and struggles to get out, the rope cutting into his arms and legs. He screams and screams but the tape restricts his mouth. The thing he was terrified of was his captor, the Doctor. Zedler then approaches the man as he tries to squirm free and traces his finger across the man’s forehead, leaving a line of smudged ink across it.

“Yes that will do nicely, we must hurry before the ink smudges too much.”

Zedler then removes a rusted bonesaw from a bag at the foot of the table.He looks with hunger at it for a few seconds before returning his gaze to the man.

“Im deeply sorry friend, but i dont have anything i can give you before the….operation.”

As he edges the bonesaw closer and closer to the man’s head he tries to squirm away but can’t. The ropes that bind him there grate against his skin and he struggles to yell for help.Finally, the saw reaches his destination, warm blood emerging from the new cut. The operation has begun.

Two Hours Later……

The operation was slightly successful. Geoffery was able to remove the frontal lobe but when resurrected he was still hostile. There must be something else that he did not account for.From the small chair where he sat all that remained of the man was a garbage bag full of his remains. Geoffery did not want to leave this place a mess, he may need to come back some day. The smell of the dead still clung to the air though. The smell might make some sick but to Zedler it smelled of discovery, of science. He needed new experiments though. His next stop is the one place to find them, the trade post.

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Guest The Reverend

Lovely. I want to meet him in game.

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This guy is a really sick fuck... My god! And now he's going to the trade post for experiments! Run!

Good work on the stories man!

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The smell of charred flesh clings to the air of the damp basement. You slowly open your eyes, trying to adjust to the dimly lit room. Trying to move, you find that there are ropes and duct tape that bind you there. You struggle to get free but only succeed in making large amounts of noise. Footsteps echo from the hallway leading to the room. Thud. Thud. Thud. Your first instinct is to look around for a means of escape, somewhere to hide. In one corner of the room is another patient, they stare at you with wide gaping eyes, their head slightly tilted to the left and a drop of saliva rolling down the corner of their mouth.

"Help me!" you plead to them.

They slowly open their mouth to speak and reveal that they are missing their tongue. The patient looks at you with those eyes, the eyes of a dead man. You turn to your left to escape their vision and all around you are medical tools and the source of the burning smell. Within a container by the door are charred body parts. The footsteps become louder and louder THUD. THUD. THUD. Finally the door swings open and an older man enters, wearing a lab coat covered in blood splatters.

"Its good that you are awake" he says to you in a soft tone.

"Please, let me go" you plead to him.

The man strolls over to where the other patient sits and rests his hand on the mute's shoulder.

"He talked too much so i took his tongue, i can take your tongue if you talk too much too. He also tried to tear off the ropes that binded him, so i took his fingers.Slowly."

He says all this with a grin on his face, admiring his handiwork. He then rests his gaze on the container of charred boy parts.

"The only way to make sure the dead are really dead is to burn them you see, and i do enjoy a good burning."

As he turns his back to get something out of his pack you try to reach for a scalpel with your index finger to cut yourself loose. The doctor turns back around with what looks like an old rusty bonesaw.

"I told you what would happen." he says to you.

Before you can react he grabs your hand and within two blows cuts through your finger with a crunch. He then picks up the finger from the table and tosses it to the other side of the room.

"I am deeply sorry for what comes next. You must remember though, this is all for science."

He starts to lower his bonesaw to you head, you scream and scream but nobody can hear you. the last thing that you see before death is the grin of the doctor known as Zedler.

OOC: To be honest, i kind of scare myself while writing this one xD. Also thank you DoctorHans!

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"This experiment was going to take some time indeed." Zedler thought to himself. In another room sat his patient, he didnt even bother getting his name. The man would most likely die afterwards anyway. Zedler paced back and forth in the room over and thought about how to proceed with the experiment. He wanted to see if he could break someone mentally and imprint upon their mind that if they disobeyed him they would be punished. It would be like teaching a dog that if he shits in the house he gets hit with the newspaper. The plan was to use these homemade flash cards to imprint certain things into the patient's mind, when the patient turned into an undead he would respond accordingly to the card. The only problem was that his patient was very unwilling. He could always resort to torture, that was very fun indeed. Zedler grabbed his tools and came back to where the man sat motionless, a look of disgust on his face. Geoffery leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear,

"You know, i could cut your eyeballs out with an ice cream scooper if you keep looking at me like that."

Zedler took a step back and grinned at the horrified face of the prisoner. He then took a chair from the corner of the room and sat in front of the man. From his coat pocket he pulled out a set of cards, each of them with a different phrase.

"I am going to remove this tape, if you scream or yell for help i will stab you in your eye with a very large knife, okay?"

Zedler said this with a grin and watched as the man slowly nodded. He then rapidly pulled the duct tape of the man's mouth. He showed him the cards and said,

"I will show you each of these cards, you will respond honestly."

"Umm, yea sure."

"Good, very good."

Zedler the pulled out the first card and read it to the patient.

"Who would you sacrifice yourself for, Dr. Zedler or your family?"

The man looks down at his feet for a second and responds,



Zedler then pulls out his scalpel and partially digs it in the man's kneecap. He screams and curses at Geoffery. Zedler calmly says to him,

"If you scream, i will disembowel you."

The man fights back his tears and looks back at Zedler in anger. Geoffery re-adjusts his glasses and looks back at him with a smile.

"So which is it again? family or Zedler."

The man responds with anger in his voice,


The doctor looks at the man and places his hand on the scalpel, still maintaining eye contact.

"I don't believe you."

He then forces the scalpel farther in the man's knee, causing him to scream uncontrollably.

Four Hours Later.....

Today's experiment went exceptionally well. The man had only lost 6 fingers and part of his foot. Zedler might have to remove the leg but that was for another day. Within a week he would be able to control the man's mind. Hopefully when the man eventually died he would resurrect with the knowledge of what could happen to him if he disobeyed Zedler. While the muffled screams went on in the basement of the house Zedler drifted off to sleep. It was music to his ears.

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The moon rose and shone only some light on Zedler’s makeshift camp. There was a fire to cook his food, a ten to sleep in, and a picnic bench he had dragged from some campsite to here. On top of the bench lay a man bound by bungee cords and an assortment of rope Zedler had found while scavenging. He pushed his glasses back into place after surveying his patient and returned to his tent. Near his sleeping bag lay his most prized possession, his tools. He grabbed the bag and stroked the fine leather of the case. Zedler then removed a can of peaches from his backpack and an old toy watch that’s face was now covered in blood. He opened the can and walked outside to see his patient trying to escape. Geoffery sighed and removed a steak knife from his coat pocket. He then approached the man calmly and dug the tip of the knife into the space under his fingernail, causing him to scream into the rag in his mouth.

“Please dont try to escape, it wont work.” he said with a calm voice, as if he wasn't inflicting pain upon this man.

When the man calmed down he sat next to the man he removed the toy watch and shook it in front of his face.

“Your little girl was tough to find but i did, i am indeed sorry for your loss.”

The truth was that she had dropped it while running from the man who had just knocked out her father. Geoffery wasn't the man he used to be so he wasn't about to chase her across the neighborhood. She would die or she wouldn't, he couldn't care less. The man bound to the table started to bawl and cry like a baby, how pathetic. Today’s experiment was to see if due to his hatred of Zedler, the man might remember him after he passed. To turn up the volume so to speak. Zedler leaned in and whispered to him,

“Or i could be lying, i could have her in my tent, i’m always in need of patients.”

The look on the man’s face was one of intense hatred and sadness.This was going exactly as Geoffery had planned. He removed a knife about 2 inches in length and rested it against the man’s neck. After one final word he dragged the blade across his neck, creating a stream of red.


The man had resurrected and had indeed been much more agitated towards Zedler. This was very fascinating indeed. While dragging the body to a dumpster he picked up a piece of paper mentioning some group called “The Hosts”. They had doctors and were working on curing the disease. Perhaps they had need of one more. The possibilities made him smile.

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The moon rose and reflected its light down into the city of Cherno. Dr. Zedler had taken up residence in the burned down hotel with two other survivors. They were huddled in a circle around a small fire one of his new friends had made to cook their meals. He had met them while scavenging the city. It was a good thing they had not questioned him about the garbage bag he was disposing of at the time, it had been a patient and the remains were particularly grisly. If they had seen what remained they would have surely killed him. They had instead invited him  to dinner and to stay the night at their makeshift home, the fools. zedler peered into the fire and thought of all the experiments they would be perfect for. It wasn't until one of the men, Arthur, repeated his question that Zedler heard him.

“So where you from Doc?” the man asked him with the thick southern accent.

Zedler looked towards him and gave him his most disarming smile and responded,

“The states, or more specifically New York.”

The other man started at that and responded with a huge smile,

“Same here pal! Tell me, Mets or Yankees?”

Zedler poked around at the fire with a stick and simply responded,

“I was never a baseball fan if truth be told, never had the time.”

Why would he watch a simple game of baseball if he could instead perform experiments or study science. They continued their discussion about before the plague then resided to their individual sleeping bags.

Two Weeks Later.

Three men armed with assault rifles and matching uniforms enter the crumbling hotel. The first man instantly covers his nose and says disgusted,

“Oh jesus what the fuck is that smell?”

Their leader walks forward and tightens his grip on his rifle.

“I think we both know what that smell is Pvt. The Doctor was here, or still is.”

The Pvt. raises his rifle as they start to head deeper into the building, he shakes with fear and asks the sergeant,

“So who the fuck is this guy, why are we hunting him?”

The Sergeant responds gruffly,

“He’s a cold-blooded murderer and lets just say, the remains he leaves behind are hard to identify.”

They enter a room in which what looks a fire was once made. There are two sleeping bags within the makeshift camp, both empty. One of the soldiers points towards a room where a small glow of a lantern is emitting. They all raise their weapons and enter the room where the Doctor might await. Instead they find something much worse, two survivors unfortunate enough to cross his path. They are both bound to chairs, and both now undead. Where they eyes were there is now just empty black pits. They are also missing a majority of their fingers and toes. On the wall behind them scribbled in blood is,

“They said they wished to see no more death or chaos so i took their eyes. The fingers and toes i took because i was bored. Do not follow me further or your end will be worse” - Dr Zedler.

The sergeant turns towards his soldiers and says,

“Call HQ, we need more men.”

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Admins can you please move this thread to the DayZ SA Lore and Stories. Thank you.

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[align=left]The two military squads converged on the lone house in the field as the moon shone overhead. The damp grass squished softly beneath their feet as they advanced through the field, their weapons raised. They had received word that Zedler was spotted by some civies among a group of around ten survivors and they had all gone to this house. Just as they neared the house somebody nearby let out a scream. The sergeant turned to see one of his own men lying in the grass, now sprinkled with blood. The doctor had set a bear trap outside and it took off Delroy’s leg. Their medic ran to help him and was deaf to the sergeant’s screams. He triggered the next trap and fell face first onto another, splitting his skull with a disgusting crack. Another soldier started to scream and began to puke. Their sergeant turned to them and yelled to stay calm. They all regained their composure and went about assisting the injured man.

While one part of the squad helped the injured soldier, the rest advanced on the house. The first man through the front door triggered another trap, sending an ax that was clung to the ceiling into his forehead and killing him. The other soldiers stepped over his corpse and surveyed the horror that awaited them. The survivors’ remains were scattered throughout the house,but the doctor was nowhere to be seen.


Dr. Zedler sat in the corner of the room as the rest of the group went about preparing dinner. He smiled to himself as he wrote in his journal. They were all such idiots, all he had to do was flash his lab coat at them and they all pleaded for a doctor to be part of their group. He had actually been thinking of a new experiment when they confronted him about joining them. He had just developed a new toxin that he believed may be able to kill a large quantity of people with just a small dosage. It was the perfect time to test it out. They had arrived at this house and had set up camp for the night. He helped the cooks with the food and while they weren't looking he poured the poison into the bowl, after that it was so easy.

They had all ate the meal and praised the chef for how good it tasted. He still wonders if the flavor was the poison or the food, it really didn't matter. One by one they fell, each of them clawing at their throats for air. The final one looked up at Zedler with such a sad face. Geoffery simply walked towards the man and placed his boot over the man’s throat to quicken his death. Nobody could say that Zedler was not a merciless god. When they were all dead he went about dismembering them and scattering the parts around the room for the soldiers hunting them to find. This perhaps would make them think twice about following him. He also setup some traps for them so that he could thin out their ranks. It was days like this that made Zedler so overjoyous that this plague has befallen the world.


The sergeant and his men stood in horror as they surveyed the room. Many of his soldiers started to throw up and head outside. He turned towards the doorway and started to say as he walked out,

“We have to find this guy and soon, we still have no idea who he’ll kill next though.”

Then as his foot connected with the soft dirt in front of the porch a metallic click was heard by all the soldiers gathered. An unknown soldier within the group simply stated,

“i think i know who’s next.”

The explosion that followed was music to Dr. Zedler’s ears.

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