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The Apple doesn't roll far from the Tree

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'The Apple doesn't roll far from the Tree.'

"THIS, is what I was told. FOOLISH MAN. Yet, he doesn't even realize, we are nothing alike, him and I. Even more so now. Little peasant. That is what you will always be to be, and always HAVE been. You ruined us, you ASHAMED US".

"Now look at you".

"Nothing but a corpse. Infested with that disease, riddled with rounds that have ended your feeble life. I'm glad it was me. You were never the man you thought you were. You may of had all the money you'd ever want..


"You should of NEVER brought us to this country. Your stupid little company got nowhere. Now, You, Raymond and Mother are dead.

It is just me. I own these lands. Mine. All. MINE. Even if it is filled with these, so be it, zombies or lurkers that you called them, it is still mine. This land belongs to Montgomery Blackburn, and don't you forget it!"

Montgomery spits on his father's rotting corpse, then slowly walks away, looking towards the setting sun with a menacing smirk, ready to show the lands of South Zagoria what he really is.


Montgomery Blackburn is my new posh, rich, kinda stereotypical rich English kid who outgrew his father and family during the apocalypse.

I do have some plans for some past stories to get more into his backstory, and some future ones too. If there is interest I will continue!

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