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Into Darkness

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It's dark, quiet. The shadows are gripping to my body like a Hawk grips its prey. I check left and right. It's clear, I make a break for it across the moon-lit path. As I re-enter the safety of the darkness I continue to my destination.

I'm determined and selfish. Strong-minded and ongoing - I will not stop until I achieve.

My mask helps with concealing wisps of cold air emitting from my mouth. I will not let someone spot me by breathing - I use controlled breaths, there is no need to speak so I can hold my breath for longer. As I enter the remains of a family home, I breath out into my hands - The house is warmer than the outside but if I watch carefully, I can see the path of my breath rising to the ceiling.

I see a shadow glide across the moon-lit hallway. I'm alert, I reach across and sling my silenced rifle onto my shoulder. I aim and breath in, waiting for the figure to cross the doorway. As I am peering down the sight, it arrives into my line of fire.

One quick tap is all that it takes to drop the individual.

I hear the slump as it falls to the ground.

I poke my head out of the doorway to check the corpse. I work around in the dark to try and get a grip on the body, once I do I pull it into the moonlight...

It's one of them.

I take out my notebook from upper pocket and scratch a line to add to the tally.

I do another sweep of the town, checking everywhere for supplies. I tap walls to check for hollowness as someone may of hidden something inside of them. I search every place possible for someone to hide an item there. However, it is to no luck, another night without gaining more food. My water is running low - So is my chance of survival.

I may have to venture into new territory, something I have never had to think of before. It's dangerous, challenging and holds a new ground for enemies - something that recently has become more of a problem.


Teo "Ry" Ryder leaving his area at dusk to find new territory

//These will continue, it is not just a single-part story. This will be a character that I am planning to play in-game. The entries for this thread will be a mixture of imagination and in game events. If all goes well it will be an interesting piece.

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Soundtrack name pls?

Don't worry, I won't steal it. I'd like to listen to it though. :)

I used

, suit the piece quite well :)

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